Apple will officially roll out digital IDs in the wallet, starting with Arizona

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Apple Digital ID Wallet

Apple has introduced a digital ID to store the ID in the iOS 15 wallet app, but until now it was just a paper feature and wasn’t available to users. That’s no longer the case, as Apple officially released its digital ID on Wallet for people in Arizona, USA. Here are the details you need to know:

Digital ID is now available

IPhone users in Arizona can now easily add their driver’s license or state ID to their Apple Wallet. This makes it easier to view your ID while traveling. You can provide your Apple Digital ID at the following URL: Select TSA Security Checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport..

Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, said:Bringing your wallet’s first driver’s license and state ID to Arizona today, Arizona citizens can simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to provide an easy, secure and private way to present their ID while traveling. I am glad. “We look forward to working with more states and TSA to provide Wallet IDs to users across the United States.“”

Deployment of Apple Digital ID for Wallet

It has become clear that more states will follow the lead. Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, Puerto Rico.. This feature allows users to view their ID in TSA by simply tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch in ID Reader. This is followed by consent and Face ID / Touch ID authentication to complete the process. It’s a digital process, so you don’t have to hand over your cell phone or watch.

To add an ID to the wallet app, the user must select the “+” icon in the wallet and follow the onscreen instructions to add the ID. Users need to scan their ID (both front and back) and take a selfie for the verification process. The verification process is done by the state. There are also additional safety procedures that require people to move their heads and faces.

The latest digital IDs in iOS 15 give you control over the information that users share, which also guarantees a more secure way to present your ID.this Supports biometrics to prevent anyone else from trying to access your digital ID.. In addition, the communication between ID Reader and the device is encrypted.

Digital IDs can be used on iPhone 8s and later running iOS 15.4, and Apple Watch Series 4 and later running watchOS 8.4 and later.