Apple will announce the iPhone SE 3 M2 chip at the spring event on March 8th

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Apple March 8 Event

After a while and a lot of speculation, Apple finally announced its first launch event in 2022. It has a tagline of “Peek Performance”. Therefore, you can expect performance-oriented devices. This event, like most events in the last two years, will be an online event. Here are the details you need to know:

Details of Apple’s March 8 Spring Event

The Apple event will be live streamed from Apple Park on March 8th and will be available to interested parties on the Apple website, the company’s YouTube channel, and even the Apple TV start 10 am Pacific Standard Time, 11:30 pm IST..

Like most Apple announcements, this one too Have an easter egg.. This is basically a 3D colorful Apple logo that floats in the air and is best seen in AR. To do this, go to the Apple Events page via your iPhone, click on the big Apple logo, the ARKit AR viewer will appear, and a floating Apple will pop up in a few seconds. If this is of interest to you, give it a try!

Launch expectations!

The company hasn’t provided details on what to expect from Apple’s Spring 2022 event. However, there are many rumors that are constantly suggesting the arrival of the long-awaited iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE + 5G may be the finalist name), the new iPad Air 5, and perhaps a new Mac with the new Apple Silicon.

Simply put, for the next-generation iPhone SE Design elements similar to iPhone SE 2 However, there are hardware changes such as the A15 Bionic SoC, improved camera, and better battery life. And how can you forget about 5G support? This makes the new iPhone SE the first cheap iPhone with 5G. It can also be reasonably priced.

iPad Air 5 too Equipped with A15 Bionic chipset and supports 5G, Camera improvements, etc. are included. Along with the next-generation M2 chip, new Macs may be launched. Rumors suggest a total of seven new Macs, but you’ll have to wait for the event to happen to get a better idea.

In addition, the iOS 15.4 update may be announced to the general public on the same day. The event is a few days away, so it makes sense to wait for all the official details. We will continue to post, so please look forward to it.