Apple will allow apps such as Netflix to add website links to payment apps and more

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Apple shared an update to the App Store payment system announced last year. With this update, “reader” apps such as Netflix and Spotify will be able to include links to in-app websites, and users will be better able to manage their accounts with such apps. What does this mean to you?

Apple has revealed that developers of “reader” apps can now request access to external link account credentials. You can add a link to their website.. For those who don’t know, by Apple’s definition, a reader app is an app that provides users with digital content such as audio, video, newspapers, and books.

In a recent post, Apple said:Last year, Apple announced an update to be released on the App Store in early 2022. This allows developers of “reader” apps to include in-app links to their website for the purpose of creating and managing accounts. Starting today, with an update to App Store Review Guidelines 3.1.3 (a), leader app developers can request access to external link account credentials.“”

The main purpose of this change is Make it easy for users to manage their existing accounts From the website of such an app, even create a new app. If you’re not sure, there are some features that are specific to your app’s website. For example, Netflix does not yet allow users to change their account password through the app version. Therefore, this new ability is useful.

However, instead of using Apple, you can also provide users with a way to use the billing system of other apps. It also helps developers avoid the 30% fee charged by Apple. However, there is still a charge. For beginners, Apple has traditionally refrained from adding links to apps or using billing systems for developers.

This new change came as a reconciliation with the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) last year. Initially dedicated to the JFTC, it is now expanding globally.

This also looks like the steps Google just took. please remember. Google recently announced a pilot program that allows app developers to have their own billing system in addition to Google’s billing system. Pilots are started on Spotify and are expected to reach more apps in response to user feedback. This is a way for app developers to avoid high fees. However, there are still payments that developers have to pay.

What do you think of this new App Store change? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!