Apple Watch not receiving notifications? This is the fix!

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Apple Watch is great and can help you keep your notifications up-to-date, track your workouts, and track your sleep. It’s basically a seamless companion for your iPhone, and of course, you can unlock your Mac that will last forever on your Apple Watch. Through all of this, notification mirroring is one of the main reasons to use the Apple Watch and can be very frustrating if it doesn’t work. If you’re also facing this issue, read on for instructions on how to fix an issue where your Apple Watch isn’t receiving notifications.

Fixed an issue where notifications were not displayed on the Apple Watch

Important things to know about how notifications work on your Apple Watch

When it comes to notifications, the Apple Watch and iPhone smartly cover each other. Therefore, before looking for a solution to the problem, you need to know how notifications work between these devices. Otherwise, you may be wondering why alerts don’t appear on watchOS devices.

Note that the notification will appear on either your Apple Watch or your paired iPhone. Yes, you are reading that right! Alerts do not appear on both devices. When the paired iPhone is unlocked, the alert will be displayed on the iPhone instead of the Apple Watch.

Notifications on unlocked iPhone
Image courtesy of Apple

Also, if your iPhone is locked or sleeping, notifications will appear on your Apple Watch unless your watch is locked. Note that if the app (that is, the noise app) is only available on the Apple Watch, the notification will not appear on the iPhone.

Notifications about unlocked Apple Watch
Image courtesy of Apple

When your Apple Watch receives a notification, you’ll see a red notification icon / indicator in the center of the top of your watch. Closing an alert on your Apple Watch also closes the alert from the connected iPhone.

You can see all notifications from Notification Center. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen to access Notification Center. You can then use the digital crown or your finger to scroll through the notifications.

11 Ways to Fix “Apple Watch Doesn’t Receive Notifications” Issue

Make sure you have fully customized your Apple Watch notifications

Another important thing to do first is to make sure your notifications are ideally customized on your Apple Watch. You may have accidentally ruined your wearable device’s notification settings and forgot to revert them later.

  • Head to View the app On your iPhone -> My Watch Tabs in the lower left corner of the screen-> Notification..
  • Next, Select an app after that Customize notifications According to your needs.
Notification settings for Apple Watch

Keep in mind that not all apps have the same notification options. If you want to use the same notification settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch, tap Mirror iPhone..

Apple Watch mirror notification

There are four ways to customize notifications on your watchOS device.

  • Allow notifications: If you select this, notifications will appear in Notification Center and your Apple Watch will alert you to the latest notifications.
  • Send to Notification Center: Select if you want Apple Watch to send notifications directly to Notification Center without warning.
  • Notification off: Disable notifications.
  • Group notification: You can group notifications as needed.To do this, tap Notification grouping (([アプリを見る]->[通知])next, Off, automatic, or by app.
Customize Apple Watch notifications

Please check the connection

If you haven’t received notifications on your Apple Watch, it could be because your watch has lost connectivity with your iPhone. Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone before trying any other steps.

  • On Apple Watch, Swipe up on the watch face Launch the control center.
  • If the device is disconnected Red “X” icon, red iPhone icon, or Wi-Fi icon It is displayed at the top. These icons may also appear at the top of your watch face.
Apple Watch and iPhone are disconnected
  • When you connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you’ll see a green iPhone icon at the top of the Control Center.
Apple Watch is connected to iPhone


  • To fix connectivity issues, make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are within range. Also, make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your iPhone (Settings app-> Wi-Fi / Bluetooth).
  • Also, make sure airplane mode is disabled on both your Apple Watch and iPhone. You can quickly disable it from the device’s control center.

Make sure you allow the app to send notifications

If the problem you’re facing with notifications is that only certain apps aren’t sending notifications to your watch, make sure you’ve given your app permission to push notifications to your Apple Watch. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open View the app Select on iPhone notification..
Notification settings for iOS watch app
  • now, Select an app Without sending a notification Allow notifications option.
Allow notifications on your Apple Watch

Turn Bluetooth off / on on iPhone and Apple Watch

In some cases, turning Bluetooth off / on on both devices can help solve many common watchOS issues. So give this nifty trick the opportunity to troubleshoot clock notification issues.

  • On Apple Watch, Settings app-> Bluetooth Then turn off the switch.
Turn Bluetooth-on-Apple-Watch-copy off or on
  • With the paired iPhone, Settings app-> Bluetooth Then turn off the toggle.
Turn off Bluetooth on iPhone
  • now, Reboot both devices..After rebooting, return to the same settings Turn on bluetooth On iPhone and Apple Watch.

Make sure silent mode is disabled

Notifications will appear on your iPhone if silent mode is enabled or if your watch is locked. When DND is activated, you will see a small crescent moon on your watch face.

  • Swipe up from the watch face Go to the Apple Watch Control Center and Unobtrusive button Turn it off.
Turn off Apple Watch mode undisturbed

Force restart / hard reset Apple Watch

If you still don’t see the notification on your Apple Watch, try a hard reset on your smartwatch. It fixed so many miscellaneous watchOS issues. Therefore, it is not a mistake to rely on this troubleshooting to solve this problem.

  • Press and hold Side button And that Digital crown At the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • After your Apple Watch restarts, wait for a while to see if notifications are starting to arrive.
Hard reset your Apple Watch

Update Apple Watch app

If you don’t receive notifications from certain apps on your Apple Watch, make sure they’re updated.

  • Start App Store On your Apple Watch-> scroll to the bottom, account..
On the App Store[アカウント]Tap
  • Then tap update..Now you can update or hit one app at a time Update all Update all apps at once.
Update apps on Apple Watch

Remove and reinstall the offending app

If you still don’t get notifications from certain apps on your watchOS device, remove and reinstall the offending app.

  • Press Digital crown Go to your Apple Watch home screen. If the home screen is in grid view Touch and hold App icon.Then tap Edit app Enter jiggle mode in the menu.
  • after that, Press the “X” button It’s at the top of the app you want to delete and hit Delete app..
Remove apps on Apple Watch
Remove apps on Apple Watch

Update your Apple Watch

Updates to watchOS software often include performance enhancements and some bug fixes. If notifications continue to malfunction on your Apple Watch, it’s wise to update your software.

Update watchOS from your Apple Watch

  • To get started Place your Apple Watch on the charger Make sure the watch is charged.
  • next, Settings app On Apple Watch, Universal..
  • Then tap Software update Then download and install the latest version of watchOS.

Update your Apple Watch using your iPhone

  • Open View the app Select on iPhone Universal..Then tap Software update Then wait for a while for the device to check for updates.
  • When you see the available updates, Download and install the latest version of watchOS As usual.

Last resort: Erase your Apple Watch and re-pair it with your iPhone

If your Apple Watch still doesn’t receive the notification, clear your watch and re-pair it with your iPhone. Known as a last resort, it often fixes permanent watchOS issues. Thanks to automatic backup, no data will be lost. So don’t worry about it.

Erase Apple Watch

  • Go to Settings app On your Apple Watch, tap Universal..Then scroll to the bottom and tap reset..
  • Then tap Erase all content and settings confirm.

Erase Apple Watch using iPhone

  • Head to View the app Select on iPhone Universal..Then scroll to the bottom and tap reset..
  • Then tap Erase Apple Watch content and settings confirm.

After successfully erasing your Apple Watch View the app On your iPhone, follow the prompts to repair both devices.


Fixed an issue where Apple Watch notifications didn’t work

This concludes this detailed troubleshooting guide for fixing Apple Watch notification issues. Hopefully the notifications are back on track on the watchOS device. watchOS 8 faces some nasty issues, such as the Portraits Watch face not working, and the inability to install apps to charge your Apple Watch. Please tell us your experience with the latest iterations of watchOS and whether the above tricks worked.