Apple now allows developers to email users about alternative payment methods

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Apple has revealed that it has made some significant changes to the App Store in response to a class action proceeding from a US app developer. The proceedings date back to 2019, Settlement includes $ 100 million in funding For qualified developers. In particular, this isn’t part of an ongoing Apple vs Epic trial, and its verdict is scheduled for later this year.

Apple announces App Store changes

US developers who earn less than $ 1 million in the US App Store each year from June 4, 2015 to April 26, 2021 are eligible for this fund. That’s 99% of the US or about 67,000 developers, Apple says.

According to Apple Developers can now communicate alternative purchase options with external users of iOS apps.. This includes methods such as email. However, it is not yet allowed within the app. As always, Apple doesn’t cut back on purchases made outside the App Store. However, the user must agree to the aforementioned communication and must have the option to opt out.

If Apple rejects the app, there is no change to the appeal process, but Apple states that it will add content to the App Review website so that developers can understand how the appeal process works. The company also has an app review process, including the number of rejected apps, the number of deactivated customer and developer accounts, objective data about search queries and results, and the number of apps removed from the App Store. Share statistics about.

The Cupertino Giants have increased the number of price points available to developers from less than 100 to more than 500.These price points are Applies to subscriptions, in-app purchases, and paid apps..

Apple also mentions plans to keep the App Store Small Business program and App Store search intact for at least the next three years. You can check Apple’s press release here and the settlement proposal here.