Apple may release M2 Mac mini, 7K monitor tomorrow

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Apple Launch Mac Mini External Display Tomorrow

In addition to unveiling the iPhone SE 3, the new iPad Air, a few Macs, and perhaps its long-rumored AR Glass, tomorrow’s “Peak Performance” spring event. Bloomberg Mark Gurman also reports that Apple can preview an external monitor and launch a new Mac mini model. Let’s take a look at the details.

New Apple products rumored at tomorrow’s event

In his latest PowerOn newsletter, with a reputable Apple analyst Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gurman said Apple has “The work on it is complete. [the display] months ago,” And now it’s ready to go to market. Apple claims The external monitor may have an Apple A13 chip built-in.

The company reportedly Working with 7K Studio Display For the past few months, we aim to replace the Pro Display XDR with a product line launched in 2019. It’s one of the best professional-grade external displays on the market, despite a starting price of $ 4,999.

“I also don’t rule out Apple previewing the next-generation external display. I’ve heard that Apple actually completed the work a few months ago, and the device will be available shortly after last year’s MacBook Pro. It was planned. Apple’s last in-house monitor came alongside the Intel MacPro in 2019. The monitor also explains the “peeping” spelling. “ German wrote.

There are more!

In addition to this, Gourman also quotes the developer’s sources, stating: Apple is testing multiple Mac devices with the new chip It includes an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU that match the specifications of the rumored M2 chipset.In addition, he has a new Mac mini with this new chip. “I’m ready to go.” The new Mac mini Pack either the M2 chipset or last year’s M1 Pro.. iMac Pro or Mac Pro models will also be attending the event.

However, keep in mind that Apple will launch the next batch of Mac devices, such as the new iMac Pro and entry-level MacBook Pro, next month (probably May or June).“Apple is running this new chip on machines running macOS 12.3 (released next week or within two weeks and will run on new Macs) and future macOS 12.4, and macOS 13 previewed in June. I’m testing WWDC 2022 “, German said.

As a result, you may not see many Macs at tomorrow’s spring events. That said, tomorrow you can expect at least one Mac model with the new Apple Silicon.

But you can certainly expect many Apple products that the company will announce at the first event of the year. We will also cover the event live so stay tuned for the latest updates.