Apple may release a new MagSafe charger on September 14th

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Apple may release a new MagSafe charger with the iPhone 13 series on September 14th

Apple confirmed the launch of the next-generation iPhone 13 series and Apple Watch series 7 (which will be available in limited quantities at launch) on September 14, but with the recent FCC submission, the Cupertino giant will also charge the new MagSafe. Event of vessel. The company has reportedly added a new MagSafe charger to its FCC database and is aiming to release the product with future iPhone 13 models.

The report is from a 9to5Mac and states that the model number for the new MagSafe charger is A2548. This is certainly different from the current MagSafe charger A2140 model number released on the iPhone 12 series last year.

Apple may release a new MagSafe charger with the iPhone 13 series on September 14th
Image: 9to5Mac

According to the report, Apple submitted a new MagSafe charger test unit to the FCC on August 13, but not a month ago. Since then, chargers have been tested on a variety of iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 and four “new phone” units (probably iPhone 13 series devices).

According to the report, the FCC tested MagSafe units on “legacy phone” models with model numbers A2341, A2176, A2172, and A2342. These are basically the model numbers of the iPhone 12 unit.

Note here that the appearance of the new MagSafe charger is not much different from the existing model. The report also states that Apple may change the model number of a product, even if there are minor changes to the product.

Therefore, you can safely assume that the new MagSafe charger will not change significantly. However, future iPhone models may come with stronger magnets or improved charging efficiency. When Apple officially launches the product at the September 14th event, we’ll know more about it. Therefore, stay tuned for more details.