Apple may add reverse wireless charging to iPhone 13 series

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Apple is preparing to launch the next-generation iPhone, perhaps the iPhone 13 series (possibly the iPhone 12s series), but in September of this year, rumors about new features for the next iPhone model piled up online. ing. There are already rumors and leaks that the iPhone 13 has a smaller notch and the Pro variation will feature a 120Hz display, a large battery, and more. Now, according to recent reports, Apple may bring portrait video support and a larger wireless charging coil built into future iPhones.

The report comes from the reputable Talekomi EverythingApplePro. According to the report, Apple aims to add support for portrait video to the upcoming iPhone series. A tipster says the Cupertino giant has already glimpsed the features of the latest iOS 15 build with the addition of portrait video support for FaceTime video calls.

In addition, tipsters quote new rumors by Max Weinbach. This suggests that Apple could integrate a larger wireless charging coil within the iPhone 13 series. This could pave the way for reverse wireless charging for charging AirPods and other accessories on your iPhone. Maybe that’s why Apple is also aiming to pack a larger battery in the iPhone 13 series.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Garman reported that reverse wireless charging on the iPhone was unlikely. “Near future”.. However, as you may remember, after the iPhone 12 series released last year, the FCC filings suggested that the iPhone 12 model had hidden reverse wireless charging support.

Therefore, Apple could finally bring support for reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 13 series. This feature has been available in the Android ecosystem for quite some time. However, we also know that Apple is generally late for parties when it comes to such features. The company will not release new features until it is fully improved.

Featured image courtesy of: EverythingApplePro (((YouTube)