Apple may add new 3D Touch-like features to future iPhones and iPads, suggesting patents

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Apple may add features like 3D Touch to future iPhones, iPads, and hint patents

Apple often publishes patents detailing the technologies that the Cupertino giants are actively working on. That’s why, according to a series of recently published patents, the company is currently developing advanced force-pressure sensors that could be integrated into future products. Some of these patents also suggest features like 3D touch for the iPhone. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Advanced Forces-Apple’s Patent Tips for Pressure Sensors

According to a recent report by Patented Apple, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently published a series of Apple patents detailing devices with advanced force and pressure sensors.These patents reveal how Apple can do it Use these sensors to enable various health and utility features on future devices Like the next generation Apple Watch models, iPhones and iPads.

In particular, one of the patents (pictured below) shows the Apple Watch with pressure-sensitive side buttons, suggesting that Apple can quickly replace the current physical buttons on the Apple Watch with one of these. I have.

Apple may add features like 3D Touch to future iPhones, iPads, and hint patents

The patent also states that Apple can use new technology to develop electromechanical fluid pressure sensors for the Apple Watch.These are designed for “Small form factor device” When Significantly smaller than a normal force sensor.. Therefore, the new pressure sensor helps Apple eliminate mechanical parts from Apple Watch models to increase durability and durability.

Another interesting patent is that the company Develop smart straps with new force-pressure sensors For Apple Watch. These special straps can detect the wearer’s blood pressure and pulse wave velocity. A similar Apple Watch band was hinted at by another patent last year.

3D Touch for MacBook, iPhone, iPad?

Some other patents New electromechanical fluid pressure sensor can be integrated into the MacBook trackpad Or iPhone and iPad displays.These allow the device to: “Accurately detect small or gradual changes in force.”

Apple may add features like 3D Touch to future iPhones, iPads, and hint patents

In addition, the patent image shows that Apple can use multiple smaller modules of the sensor instead of using a single component.This makes us believe The company May bring 3D touch-like features on future iPhones or iPads.. For those who don’t know, 3D touch was a popular feature on the iPhone, but it was later removed, mainly due to its high manufacturing costs.

Now, while these patents seem to suggest new features for Apple devices, it’s worth mentioning that most of Apple’s patents don’t see the light of day. So, take the above information with a grain of salt and let us know your thoughts on them in the comments below.