Apple faces antitrust proceedings in India with over 30% App Store fees

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Apple faces antitrust proceedings in India with a mandatory 30% App Store fee

Apple has been criticized for requiring a 30% App Store fee in many global regions, but nonprofits have recently filed antitrust proceedings against the Cupertino giant in India. .. Rajasthani’s nonprofit organization, called the Together We Fight Society, reportedly filed an antitrust proceeding against Apple for unnecessarily imposing a 30% fee to publish and distribute the app through the Digital Marketplace. increase.

The report comes from Reuters It cites documents and anonymous sources with knowledge of antitrust proceedings against Apple. According to the report, the claims Apple faces in India in this case are similar to the claims Apple faces in the European Union.

For strangers, Apple charges a 30% commission that app developers must pay to the company when publishing and distributing products on the App Store. This mandatory App Store fee is the main reason for the ongoing feud between Apple and Epic Games, which began last year. In addition, Apple has recently received significant backlash from various authorities, developers, and public figures for a 30% fee.In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has paid for the App Store. “De facto global tax on the internet” soon.

But this is the first time Apple has faced such antitrust proceedings in India. The proceedings and details of the proceedings managed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) are not open to the public, but Reuters could obtain some details from the proceedings and related sources related to the proceedings. rice field.

According to sources, CCI reviews the case first. Following the review, authorities may or may not initiate a broader investigation to further investigate the issue. The latter is unlikely, but other sources suggest that it is very likely that an investigation will be conducted on this case. “Because the EU is investigating this, it is likely that we can order an investigation.” One of the sources said Reuters..

The nonprofit that filed the lawsuit said it did so to protect the interests of app developers and Indian consumers.For members of the organization, Apple’s App Store fees are Increasing the cost of developing apps poses a major barrier to market entry and undermines competition.. This impacts consumers as they have to pay more to download the app from the App Store.

Meanwhile, Apple claims to charge a mandatory App Store fee to keep the market safe from malicious apps. The company cites user privacy and states that it has a thorough review process for all apps in the App Store to maintain a secure user experience. So what do you think of Apple’s 30% commission policy at the Apple Store? Do you think it is correct? Or do you think making more money is another capitalist move? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.