Apple delays opening first Apple retail store in Mumbai for COVID-19

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Apple saw tremendous business growth in India last year after struggling to gain a decent market share for the longest time in the Indian smartphone industry. To further strengthen its position in the country, CEO Tim Cook talked about the company’s plans to open a retail store in India this year. However, the ongoing colon virus-led pandemic appears to be a significant hurdle to Apple’s plan to open its first physical store in India.

The Cupertino giant confirmed earlier this year that it had doubled its business in India. “In India, for example, the business doubled in the last quarter compared to a year ago.” Tim Cook said then. “We plan to enter retail stores in the future, so we think this will also be a great initiative.” He added further.

There have been reports for quite some time now that Apple has opened its first retail store in India. In fact, Tim Cook officially worked on Apple’s Indian retail store plan in early 2020. Later this year, the Cupertino giant opened an official online store in India, offering various benefits to Indian consumers.

However, a recent report (first reported) India Express), Apple is now that Plans to open the first physical Apple store in India were interrupted by an ongoing pandemic.. As a result, the company has postponed the opening of the Mumbai retail store for the time being.

Apple is expected to eventually enter the Indian retail sector, but the company didn’t mention a specific schedule. In addition, given the fact that Apple has confirmed that it will produce its flagship iPhone 12 device in India and already manufactures older iPhone models in the country, as soon as India recovers from the pandemic, it will be the first Apple Store in India. Can be expected to open. This is an ongoing process.