Apple confirms Old Steve Jobs email, once working on iPhone nano

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After Apple released the iPhone 4 in 2011, the rumored factory hinted at a smaller iPhone model the company was working on at the time. The device, called the iPhone nano, was rumored to be a smaller version of the 3.5-inch iPhone 4. Now, an email recently received by Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed that the Cupertino giant was considering developing an iPhone nano.

While surfing emails related to Apple vs Epic proceedings The Verge Recently, Jobs found an email mentioning the iPhone nano. This email dates back to October 2010 and contains the agenda of the Strategic Meeting.

Under the discussion section of the meeting, “IPhone nano plan” With two subpoints.One of them mentions “Cost target” The other one of the devices while mentioning it “Johnny”Perhaps former Apple chief designer Jony Ive “Show model (and / or render)” Of iPhone nano. You can see a preview of the email attached just below.

Apple once considered a release "iPhone Nano", Check Steve Jobs email
Image courtesy of The Verge

In addition, an early bullet point on the email agenda states that Apple’s goals will be developed. “Low-priced iPhone model based on iPod Touch to replace 3GS”.. However, there is no mention of iPhone nano. However, at that time, Apple was releasing the sixth generation of the iPod nano series. This was quite popular among consumers at the time.

As a result, Apple may have wanted to take advantage of the “nano” brand by releasing iPhone devices underneath. However, it’s important to note that Apple discontinued the nano series of iPods along with the iPod Shuffle series in 2017. Currently, Apple only sells the iPod Touch series.

In addition, with the abolition of the nano brand, Apple did not revive it when it released the smaller iPhone 12 – iPhone 12 mini. Instead of Nanomonica, Apple decided to use the “mini” brand. So, in a sense, the iPhone 12 mini could have been named iPhone nano when it was released in 2011.