Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the dangers of sideloading apps on iPhone and iPad

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Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the dangers of sideloading apps on iPhone and iPad

Apple has always promoted the privacy features of its devices and blamed Android for its open source nature. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that, unlike Google, Apple absolutely despises the idea of ​​sideloading applications. Therefore, iPhone users cannot download apps or games from third-party sources outside the App Store. Now, at a recent global event, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained the dangers of sideloading apps on iPhones and iPads (again!). Check the details below.

App sideloading jeopardizes user data and privacy: Cook

Tim Cook recently made a speech at the Global Privacy Summit in Washington, DC.In his speech, Cook mentioned while talking about sideloading the app. Enabling the sideloading feature on iPhone and iPad can jeopardize your data and privacy...

“Or [sideloading of apps] This means that data-intensive companies will be able to bypass privacy rules and track users against their will. “ Cook said in his statement. “It also provides malicious individuals with a way to circumvent the comprehensive security protections we enforce and may bring them into direct contact with users.” He added further.

cooking Emphasizes the danger of sideloading apps from unknown sources Other than the trusted App Store. For those who don’t know, Apple has a comprehensive security and surveillance system for the App Store that checks for security issues in all apps and games before they are published to the Digital Marketplace.

Also, for subscriptions and other in-app purchases, the company charges a 30% fee, which has been very criticized in the past. In fact, this is the only reason for the legal issue between Apple and Epic Games, which has been going on for the past two years.

Now, in Cook’s statement at the Global Event, we can assume that: iPhone and iPad may not be able to sideload apps and games From a third party source. I agree that Cook has points, but I believe Apple can’t come up with a built-in privacy and security system like the App Store in iOS and iPad OS for apps and games downloaded from third parties. I want to. Party source.

However, if you want to know how to sideload your app on your iPhone, check out the same detailed guide. However, it’s worth pointing out that there are many steps you need to take to successfully sideload your app to your Apple device. So what do you think about the sideloading status of apps on Apple devices? Please let us know in the comments below.