Android introduces built-in Bluetooth tracker detection function

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Google is working on a built-in Bluetooth tracker detection feature for Android

Citing the potential privacy concerns of Bluetooth-based location tracking devices such as Tile and AirTag, both Apple and Tile have recently released solutions to curb this. Following this, Google is currently developing a built-in tracker detection feature for Android. This feature is built into Android and allows users to detect and find unfamiliar trackers around them. For more information, check out the details.

Android to get built-in Bluetooth tracker detection function

According to recent APK decomposition 9to5Google, The string of the code was detected on the Play service platform by referring to the Bluetooth tracker detection feature.The latest version (v22.12.13) contains the following strings: “Alerts for unfamiliar devices” and “Notifications when unfamiliar tags are detected” A hint of its function.

In addition, there are strings that refer to “ATag,” “Finder tag,” and “Tile tag,” which refer to Apple’s AirTag and Tile products, respectively. This suggests that Android features will be able to detect tracking devices from Apple and Tile.

The report also states that Google began working on Android’s tracker detection feature in mid-March. therefore, It is still in the early stages of development and is not open to any users. However, the company plans to integrate this feature into future Android 13 updates.

please remember. After Apple launched AirTags, the market for Bluetooth-based trackers has taken a big leap. but, Apple’s products have also brought various privacy issues to users. It’s like stealing or stalking. The company recently addressed this with the latest iOS 15.4 and released a “Tracker Detect” app for Android.

That said, Apple’s Tracker Detecting app only works when the user opens it, so the tracker detection feature built into Android is a welcome change for users.App Does not provide auto-detection and notification capabilitiesTherefore, this feature is rarely used.

Therefore, the built-in tracker detection feature eliminates the need to manually download the app and use it to detect nearby Bluetooth trackers. Instead, it automatically detects unknown tracking devices nearby and notifies the user. What do you think of the new tracker detection feature built into Android? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.