Android 12 adds a new game dashboard.You can play the game while downloading

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Google has been in beta testing the next major Android release, Android 12, for several months. We’ve already seen a number of new features on Android devices later this year. This includes game dashboards discovered earlier this year. And now, Google has finally confirmed its existence and provided details about the upcoming Android 12 game dashboard at the Games Developer Summit.

At the Google for Games Developer Summit keynote, the company unveiled its Android 12 game dashboard. This allows players to see game overlays and optimize titles to prioritize battery life and performance.

In addition, the Floating Game Dashboard gives users access to additional features during a gaming session. This includes utilities such as silent mode, screenshot and screen recording, brightness adjustment, rotation lock, YouTube livestreaming and more.

In addition to these features, Google has confirmed that the Android 12 Game Dashboard also includes game optimization features.Thanks to this, the player will be able to Optimize title to prioritize battery life Prioritize performance by limiting FPS and power, or increasing FPS to use more battery. Although game optimization features require additional developer support, Google has already announced Samsung as its first OEM partner.

According to the company, the game dashboard function Available on “select” Android 12 compatible device Later this year. More devices will support this nifty feature in 2022.

Apart from this, the Mountain View Giants will add useful features to the Play Store, allowing users to play the game during the download. This feature is called “Play While Downloading”. Also, as the name implies, basically users can start the game before it is fully downloaded to the device.

Games that are compatible with this feature Lightning sign next to the “Install” button It’s on the list of Play Stores. You can see an official GIF here showing how this feature works:

Besides these, Google also announced Android game development kit For developers to provide tools and libraries “Develop, optimize and deliver high quality Android games.” So which of these new gaming features in Android 12 are you excited about? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.