Amazon founded the first “Digital Kendra” to support MSME in India

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After announcing plans to set up a device manufacturing plant in India earlier this year, Amazon India has set up a dedicated resource hub to help MSMEs move into the e-commerce business. The unit, called the Amazon Digital Kendra, is located in Surat, Gujarat and was recently launched by CM Vijay Rupani in Gujarat.

Amazon Digital Kendra: What is it and how does it help the MSME business?

Amazon Digital Kendra is basically a one-stop center for MSME to learn more about digital technology and e-commerce. This helps small businesses make an easy transition to becoming a digital entrepreneur, as stated in the official blog post.

Digital Kendra provides MSME with the right resources and tools to grow your business and understand different aspects of the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce giant offers local businesses to set up and manage Digital Kendra, and also provides an additional source of revenue. In this way, local business owners can learn more about e-commerce infrastructure, export markets, and other aspects of managing their digital business.

In addition, MSME can access Digital Kendra to access other third-party services. This includes training on benefits such as e-commerce, shipping and logistics in India, digital marketing, GST and taxation, and cataloging assistance.

Amazon India chose Surat as the location for its first digital Kendra due to the thousands of MSMEs in the city. Also, More than 100,000 sellers in Amazon India are based in Gujarat.. The company monitors the center’s success rate, and if it is positive, Amazon India plans to install more such digital kendras in other parts of India.

Amazon Digital Kendra is “a serious effort to bring the right tools, support, and service infrastructure closer to the MSME location and enjoy the benefits of e-commerce.” Amit Agarwal, senior vice president of Amazon India, said. Watch the video attached below for a 360-degree tour of the new Amazon Digital Kendra.