Amazon announces original mobile game for kids on Android and iOS

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Amazon announces first original mobile game for Amazon Kids + platform

Amazon today announced the launch of its first original mobile game for Amazon Kids +, a platform for kids. This includes two new games, “Super Spy Ryan” and “Do, Re, Mi,” based on the Amazon Kids + TV show of the same name. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Amazon Kids + Announces First Mobile Game

As part of a subscription-based entertainment platform for kids, Amazon has launched two new mobile games for both the iOS and Android platforms. As a result, Seattle-based giants are now looking to enter the ever-expanding mobile gaming market, as well as offering exclusive television shows, books and movies for children.

The new titles Super SpyRyan and Do, Re, Mi are based on the TV shows available on the Amazon Kids + the meantime Do, Re, Mi will soon be available only on iOS, Super Spy Ryan has been released for both iOS and Android in the US, UK and Ireland. The game will soon be available in Canada, Germany and Japan. You can check out the official trailer for Super Spyrian just below.

“” Super SpyRyan “and” Do, Re & Mi “represent some of the most popular Amazon Kids + content. We hope to see for the first time the new kind of fun offered by the Amazon Kids + mobile gaming team and bring smiles and laughter to both kids and adults. ” Natasha Lipovac, Global Head of Amazon Kids + Content, said in a statement.

Do, Re, and Mi in the game are music-focused educational games that help kids learn the basics of musical instruments. Super Spy Ryan, on the other hand, is a single / multiplayer adventure game where you can choose from a variety of characters on the TV show and fight for stolen birthday gifts. There is also a “party mode” where players on the same Wi-Fi can play with each other.

Now, keep in mind that you will need an Amazon Kids + subscription for $ 2.99 (~ Rs 225) per month to access TV shows and other content on the platform. but, The game is free to play on supported devices. In addition, Amazon Kids + subscribers can also download and play games on their Amazon Fire tablets. So what do you think of Amazon’s latest mobile games? Please let us know in the comments below.