Amazon announces discounts on Alexa devices when Alexa turns 4 in India

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Alexa of India 4

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has completed its four-year presence in India, and to celebrate the opportunity, Amazon has announced discounts on various Alexa devices. It also revealed specific insights into how Indian users interacted with Alexa. The details are as follows.

Alexa is now 4!

Let’s start with the good parts. Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart displays are available with discounts of up to 50%, Fire TV devices can be purchased at a 43% discount. You can also buy Alexa-enabled products and smart home devices from brands such as OnePlus, boAt, Wipro, Panasonic, and Xiaomi at a 30% discount.

For offers, get the Echo Dot (3rd generation) at Rs 2,749 (original price, Rs 6,598), the Echo Show 8 at Rs 6,999 (original price, Rs 12,999), and the new Echo Dot with Clock at Rs 4,199. I can do it. (Original Price, Rs 5,499), Rs 3,699 (Original Price, Rs 5,999) 4K Fire TV Stick, Rs 4,699 (Original Price, Rs 6,499) 4K Max Fire TV Stick, and other roads.

They are The offer is I currently live in Amazon India and will be available until February 16th... Interested buyers can get an additional 10% immediate discount on federal bank credit and debit cards.

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In addition, Amazon revealed that 50% of Alexa users came from cities outside the metropolitan area In addition, the number of Alexa requests has increased by 68% from 2020 to 2021.

clearly Alexa responded to requests for songs over Rs 216,000 daily, Children, prayers, and local songs are in the top 20. He also listened to 2.6 Rakı’s request to control smart appliances and answered 1.7 Rakı’s questions every day. These questions ranged from movie dialogs to word meanings, weather forecasts, and more. According to additional insights, people had Alexa good morning and good night 1,520 times daily.

Moreover, Amazon improved Alexa’s natural language understanding by 27% in 2021Therefore, you can easily understand languages ​​such as English, Hindi and Hinglish without any errors. Alexa also used the voice of Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan to allow users to hear his life story, tongue twister, and more.

Also, are you calling Alexa for all your needs? How is your experience? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!