Alienware X14, M15R7 and 12th Generation Intel CPUs Launched in India

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Alienware X14, M15R7 released in India

Dell has expanded its Alienware X-series and M-series gaming laptops to pack the latest Intel and Nvidia components in CES 2022 earlier this year. Currently, the company has brought the thinnest and ultra-portable Alienware X14 laptop to India. Along with that, Alienware M15R7 is also on sale in Japan. Check out the details below to find out about key specifications, features, pricing, and availability.

Alienware X14: Specifications and Features

Alienware X14 or laterAdvertised as the thinnest laptop everIt is available in a 14.5mm thick chassis. Dell advertises it as the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop that supports Nvidia’s G-Sync and Advanced Optimus technologies. In addition, the company was able to fit more components in a thin device thanks to its patent-pending new hinge design.

Alienware X14 launched in India

Alienware X14 14-inch display with 144Hz refresh rate And Dolby Vision.It is included up to Intel’s latest 12th generation Core i7-12900H CPUPaired with either an Intel AR GPU or an Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU with 7-phase voltage control and a MUX switch. The device can support DDR5 RAM clocked at 5,200Mhz and up to 2TB of M.2 SSDs.However, it is worth mentioning RAM is soldered to the boardTherefore, it cannot be upgraded.

In addition to these, Alienware X14 incorporates the company’s unique Cryo-Tech Cooling technology to keep temperatures low during high-performance tasks. There is also an 80Whr battery (maximum on a 14-inch laptop), which can achieve up to nearly 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.

In addition, X14 The company’s first laptop that supports charging via an onboard USB-C port.. This laptop comes with Dolby Atmos-supported stereo speakers, supporting an immersive audio experience, customizable RGB-LED lighting in two zones, and an Alienware command center for a variety of customizations. I am.

Alienware M15 R7: Specifications and Features

With the introduction of the Alienware M15 R7, this device was launched at CES2022 with the new Alienware laptop. It has the functions supported by Dolby Vision. A 15-inch display that supports a refresh rate of 165Hz or a refresh rate of 240Hz Screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It supports Nvidia’s G-Sync and Advanced Optimus technology as well as the X14.

Alienware M15R7 launched in India

Under the hood, the M15R7 can be packed AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPU or Intel’s latest 12th generation core processor.. For graphics performance, the device gets Nvidia’s latest 30-series GPUs, including RTX3070Ti or RTX3080Ti. It also comes with the M15R7, just like the latest high-end laptops. MUX switch to switch between integrated GPU and discrete GPU on-demand.

Regarding memory, Alienware M15R7 DDR5 RAM running at 4,800Mhz with M.2 SSD slot.. It also supports the Cryo-Tech Cooling system, which provides 1.3x airflow and improved internal airflow to maximize battery life and combat heat issues.Besides these, RGB support for each key, Wi-Fi 6E support, and 86Whr battery Charge with the included 240W power adapter.

Price and availability

Now it’s the price of the new Alienware laptop in India. Alienware X14 starts at Rs 1,69,990 In India it will rise to 1,99,989 rupees. Alienware M15 R7 From Rs1,64,990 In the case of domestic RTX3080Ti variant, it will be Rs2,69,990.

These Alienware gaming laptops are now available for purchase at Dell’s official online stores, Dell Exclusive Stores, and other large retailers such as Croma and Reliance Digital stores across India. Check out these models on the Dell website for more information.