Airtel introduces 5G compatible video technology using holograms

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airtel 5G in-drive test

Prior to the commercial deployment of 5G in India, Airtel exhibited 5G-driven high-speed video technology. This will change the way video is consumed. To this end, the telephone company has recreated the iconic India-Zimbabwe 1983 Cricket World Cup match. Details are here.

Airtel 5G Video Technology Demo

Airtel created an in-stadium experience for Capildev’s 175 innings from the 1983 World Cup match.The “Special 175” video Play in 4K mode It was not recorded otherwise due to the strike of the television technician at the time, to capture the important moments of the match.

The The video was played at a speed of 1 Gbps with a delay of less than 20 ms, 50 simultaneous users of 5G devices can enjoy it. The technology could also provide people with access to multiple camera angles, 360-degree in-stadium views, shot analysis, and statistics.

Regarding the same thing, Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Bharti Airtel, said:5G gigabit speeds and millisecond delays change the way entertainment is consumed. Today’s demonstration is just one part of the endless possibilities of 5G and a highly personalized immersive experience in the digital world. Airtel is fully 5G capable in this new digital world, building a robust pipeline of innovative use cases in India. We would also like to thank the Telecom division for taking this opportunity to provide a trial spectrum to validate our technology and use cases.“”

The The demonstration also included a hologram of Kapil DevThis allows for real-time dialogue between his digital avatar and his audience. The hologram was equipped with 5G.

This was done at Airtel’s Network Experience Center in Manesar, Gurgaon, with the help of Ericsson 5G radio in NSA and SA mode (bandwidth test spectrum above 3500 MHz).

please remember. Airtel recently tested 5G with a live 4G experience and demonstrated India’s first 5G experience in rural areas. Carriers are also planning to roll out 5G in India, two to three months after the 5G spectrum auction takes place. Remember, this is expected to start in May of this year. What do you think of this new technology? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.