Airtel Black Announcement: All-in-One Mobile, Fiber, and DTH Service Plans

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us have adopted a telecommuting lifestyle and are now more dependent on the Internet and telecom services for communication. Airtel wants to make the service even more convenient with a new all-in-one plan called Airtel Black.

Airtel Black All-in-One Plan Launches in India

So what exactly is Airtel Black? This is a new all-in-one plan that allows users to combine company services with a single connection.That means you have now Single invoice for all Airtel services We use a single customer care number with a 60-second call pickup service, a dedicated team of relationship managers, and priority resolution of failures and problems.

That’s not all. You can also get a lifetime free service visit. Zero switching and installation costs, According to the official press release. This plan also allows you to bundle Xstream Box at no additional cost (Rs, which requires a security deposit of 1,500), making it easy to enjoy OTT services and satellite TV channels. Therefore, Airtel Black is designed to provide customers with premium and high quality service in all home services.

Airtel Black Plan Details

You can now access Airtel Black in two ways. You can add other services to your existing postpaid mobile or fiber plans to convert them to a single invoice black plan. Alternatively, you can choose a fixed bundle plan that starts with Rs. 998 / month, if needed.

The fixed bundle Airtel Black plan includes an all-in-one offering for Rs. 2,099 / month, 3x mobile connection + Rs fiber plan. 1,598 / month, 3 times the mobile connection plan of DTH + Rs. 1,349 / month, and finally Rs. 998 / month plan for DTH + 2x mobile connection plan in India. You can see the full details here:

Airtel Black Plan

For more information on Airtel Black, how to add an account or service with this plan, and how to process payments, please visit our official FAQ page here. So do you get the Airtel Black Plan? Or do you stick to existing decentralized mobile, broadband, and other services? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.