AirPods can quickly detect head movements during a workout

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AirPods detect head movements during exercise

Apple has filed numerous patents, and the one recently discovered online is about AirPods. The company seems to want to introduce a system that allows AirPods to detect the position and movement of the user’s head and provide relevant feedback during the Apple Fitness + workout session. Method is as follows.

AirPods that detect head poses

Apple recently saidWireless earbud system with pose detection function, ”It suggests the development of a system that utilizes AirPods sensors to collect necessary data and detect the position and movement of the user’s head. The patent was filed in October 2021.

AirPods head position detection system Can be used to detect if a user is doing their fitness routine correctly.. If you have the wrong head movements during your routine, AirPods will provide the audio feedback you need to correct your routine movements.

“The host’s electronics can communicate wirelessly with the earphones. May form part of the earphones A system that provides coaching and feedback to users while assessing their performance in head movement routines or other exercise routines. “ Read the patent.

With this system, the company aims to improve Apple Fitness +, a subscription-based fitness service.

How does it work?

The relevant audio feedback data looks like this: Collected by AirPods accelerometers to detect head movements.. Therefore, if the user accidentally executes the routine, a jarring buzzer sounds. On the other hand, if the routine is executed correctly, you will hear a pleasant chime sound. In addition, AirPods can provide tips for improving head movements during training.

The system will also be able to Compares the user’s head movements with the correct head movements for a particular routine.. You can then view the desired poses for your routine on another display-based device, such as: “Mobile phones, tablet computers, desktop computers, televisions, or other devices.”

“Guidance can take the form of voice commands, text, audio clips, diagrams, videos, and other ways to help users guide their routines.” Further patents will be added.

Besides using the new head position detection system for Apple Fitness + Apple can also use this technology to further improve 3D spatial audio technology... This technology, which relies on head movements to provide users with a three-dimensional audio experience, can leverage head movement data collected by AirPods to provide a more personalized audio experience.

Nothing is said about its availability, as it is just a patent. Also, I’m not sure if Apple will release it to existing AirPods via an OTA update or make it available only on future AirPods such as AirPods Pro 2. Still, the AirPods in the comments below have thoughts on the new head pose detection feature.