After McDonald’s, Wendy’s joins the Metaverse in its virtual “Wendy’s”

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After McDonald's, Wendy's joins the Metaverse in that virtual "Wendy Bath"

Following in the footsteps of other brands such as Nike, McDonald’s and Heineken, the global fast food chain Wendy’s is now Entered the Metaverse.. The company recently announced the launch of Wendyverse in Meta’s Horizontal World virtual environment. This will allow people to use the Quest2VR headset to explore virtual Wendy restaurants and other places around them. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Wendy’s Announces Wendy’s: Details

Wendy’s recently shared an official blog post to announce the launch of Wendyverse in Horizon Worlds, a virtual environment for Meta’s Quest 2 and Rift S users to explore, play, and interact with others. ..At Wendy Bath, the company aims to offer “A whole new 3D opportunity to interact virtually and with the brand.”

Therefore, in Wendy Bath, players can interact with other players, meet friends, and enjoy various games in the virtual world.Players will be able to explore Two important places in Wendy Bath – Wendy Bath Town Square Central and Wendy Bath Partnership Plaza.

Town Square Central has a virtual Wendy’s restaurant where users can meet friends for a virtual meal, while Partnership Plaza has a back biscuit dome building. Users will be able to play various mini gamesIncludes Wendy food options such as burgers, shakes and fries.

After McDonald's, Wendy's joins the Metaverse in that virtual "Wendy Bath"

“For years, we’ve met our fans in unexpected ways and places with our unique approach to social media, games and engagement. We released Wendyverse on Meta’s Horizontal Worlds, giving fans a whole new dimension. We’re excited to take this to the next level by providing access. Really the first of its kind, Wendy Bath, with Frosty® and French fries in hand, is the best of the day and tomorrow. And show it to fans all over the world. “ Karl Lored, Chief Marketing Officer of Wendy’s Company, said in a statement.

Note that users will need a MetaQuest2 headset to access Wendyverse. However, if you don’t have a headset, you can get a viewer-only version at So what do you think of Wendy’s Metaverse Initiative? Please let us know in the comments below.