How To Add Page Number, Repair, Compress, & Decrypt PDF Files Online With PDFbear

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Are you tired of keeping and installing multiple applications on your computer? Well, this is the perfect time for you to see a higher-level software like PDFBear as your PDF partner. PDFBear is a user-friendly web-based software, which you can access through the cloud system for free with more than twenty tools available. 

Besides that, PDFBear and its tools are straightforward, easy-to-use, and highly accessible in all operating systems and platforms. To advance your experience, you may want to subscribe to PDFBear’s PRO version and access more of its incredible features. 

How to Add Page Number In Four Steps

Add Page Number to PDF

Doing simple processes, such as adding page numbers to your PDF files, can sometimes be a hassle when you don’t have the right tool for that. Luckily, PDFBear has everything you need to fix the situation. No, you don’t need to pay for anything because PDFBear offers a free service! 

If you want your document to look more presentable, add page to PDF. It would also be best if you add page numbers, especially if you have hundreds of pages in a file. This tool allows you to decide where you want the page number to appear. 

With this PDF editor, anyone should add page numbers easily by following four simple steps that would only take you less than two minutes to finish.

  • Step 1. Firstly, select the PDF file that you want to edit and upload it to the PDFBear’s server by pressing the “Select Files” tab and manually browsing through your folders.
  • Step 2. Uploading the file will let you wait for only a few seconds. 
  • Step 3. Then, choose a specific position where you want the numbers to appear.
  • Step 4. Fourth and last step, click the “Number Pages” tab and download the file once the process is done. You can save it to any device or share it to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

How To Repair Damaged Files Correctly

Among all the issues to happen with your PDF files, a damaged document will worry you the most. Some people end up paying a hefty amount of money for one person to fix it. Well, with PDFBear, you can fix your file by yourself for free!

PDFBear is a user-friendly software that allows anyone to manipulate the tool most efficiently and is also available to all internet browsers. However, it is highly recommended to use either Google Chrome or Safari. Make sure to apply all these four steps properly for restoration accuracy. 

  • Step 1. Upload a damaged document by clicking the “Select Files” tab or simply use the drag and drop feature by PDFBear. 
  • Step 2. Then, the tool will start analyzing the entire document. 
  • Step 3. From there, the tool needs a few seconds to finish the repairing process. 
  • Step 4. Download and save your newest PDF file to your computer or share it to your Google Drive.

Reducing File Size With Quality

Have you tried failing to send specific emails with documents attached? Well, maybe your document passes over the limit. This happens to almost everyone, and having a file compressor would be the best thing to always have on your device. 

Are you afraid to lose the quality of your document after compression? PDFBear understands your concern. That is why it uses great technology that will retain the quality of your file and reduce its size at the same time. If you have a 1 GB file, the tool can reduce up to 70% of it. 

File Decryption Made Easier

If you set up a password to your file to protect it from unwanted individuals, you make sure to always remember the code. Mostly, people end up taking a lot of time typing the wrong password, which becomes very inconvenient for you. Thankfully, we have PDFBear ready to help anytime and anywhere. 

PDFBear will help you remove the password for good. Here’s how you do it:

  • Upload an encrypted PDF file from your computer by clicking the “Select Files” tab or use the alternative drag and drop feature for a faster process. 
  • The tool will then require you to enter the latest passcode and press the “Unlock” button.
  • Please wait for a few seconds to complete the process. 
  • Now, download and save your password-free PDF file to your computer.


PDFBear and its incredible tools work conveniently and excellently, especially for beginners and students who positively benefit from having a free platform that they can use anytime and anywhere.