A more realistic image of the pixel watch surface. please look!

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Pixel watch leaked

A few days ago, I looked at the surface of the actual image of the rumored Pixel Watch to see what Google’s first smartwatch would look like. Now you have more real images of the same person who is actually wearing the Pixel Watch. Reddit users claim that this is the most comfortable watch ever. The details are as follows.

The Pixel Watch now appears on someone’s wrist!

A Reddit user named “u / tagtech414” who was the same person who leaked the dial image of PixelWatch 20mm silicon band. This is probably made by Google... It is colored black and has its own connector, which was clearly difficult to connect for the first time.

Google Pixel Clock Design Leaked
Image: Reddit / u / tagtech414

But once done, it became “very safe” and felt very light on the wrist.According to the image, the pixel watch Measures 40 mm with a thickness of 14 mm and a weight of 36 grams... It is also said that the digital crown did not pierce the user’s wrist when bending or typing. This may be due to the rounded, raised chassis of the watch.

The display looks completely bezel-free. This is something I’ve heard several times in the past. Other images show the Pixel Watch from different angles, giving you a glimpse of the sensor underneath the dial.

Google pixel clock leaked
Image: Reddit / u / tagtech414

This leak mainly talks about the design of the Pixel Watch, but the past few times have hinted at details such as the Exynos chipset instead of the Qualcomm chipset, and the specially made Google Assistant with new features. Fitbit integrationAnd above all, the usual smartwatch features.

However, while this evidence indicates that it’s a real Pixel Watch, keep in mind that Google hasn’t confirmed it yet. Rumors of the Pixel Watch surface every other day, so we may see more details at the next Google I / O 2022 event. Google can launch it or reveal some official details about it.

Therefore, it’s best to wait until next month to get a better idea of ​​Google’s first smartwatch. Please wait. In the comments below, let us know how you like the design of the Pixel Watch.

Featured image: Reddit / u / tagtech414