8 useful new features on Instagram (2021)

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New features on Instagram

Instagram has moved from just a photo sharing app to a feature-packed social platform for users and content creators. Facebook-owned giants have recently added a number of new features to further improve the user experience and add ways to deliver high-quality content. However, there is a set of features that are currently in the Instagram pipeline and have not yet been made publicly available. And thanks to leaks and rumors, this article was able to curate a list of the eight most useful new features on Instagram.

Eight new features on Instagram (September 2021)

First, interest search is a feature recently teased by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri. Moseri mentions, Introduced the interest search function In a recent announcement explaining how Instagram search works.

Interest Search is an extension of Instagram’s search capabilities, which the company recently described in a blog post. This allows users to search for specific interests or topics rather than pages or accounts. Currently, when you search for a topic on Instagram, the app will show the account or page associated with it. However, with Interest Search, Instagram first displays the other information available on the post, account, page, or topic, and provides a dedicated search option.

Currently, according to Moselli, interest-based search is currently only available in certain regions, and only a handful of languages ​​are supported. However, he adds, the company plans to release this feature for global users as soon as possible.

2. Sell NFT goods

Instagram is reportedly planning to add features in addition to improving search capabilities. Let users sell NFTs On the platform. Now, if you don’t know what an NFT is, these are blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that show ownership of digital items or collectibles.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

The function was the beginning discovered Created by reverse app engineer Alessandro Palazzi and reportedly called a collectible. Basically, users can post digital items for sale on Instagram. The listed NFT items include a “collection” label and you can bid on them. Paluzzi shares the onboarding screen for the following features, Short screen recording To show how it works.

In terms of availability, Instagram hasn’t officially announced collector features yet. Therefore, it may take some time for social platforms to deploy it to all users.

3. Like button for story

Instagram is also working on a story like button. Currently, when viewing someone’s story on the platform, there is a share button in the lower right corner.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

However, According to Alessandro Paluzzi aims to replace the share button with a heart button so that users just tap someone’s story and love it.In addition, users will be able to Tap the button multiple times to increase the same number, Recent tweets According to Paluzzi. It’s now available, but there’s no information about it yet. So stay tuned to learn more about it in the next few days.

4. Add music to your feed post

In addition to the platform’s highly rated Stories feature, Paluzzi recently discovered that Instagram is working to add music to regular feed posts as well. Currently, when a user uploads a photo or video to Instagram, the app can only tag other users and add locations. You can also collaborate with other users on posts in your Instagram feed.

However, recent discoveries have shown that Instagram is testing a new “Add Music” button on the upload page. Basically, users can add their favorite music to images and videos before sharing them on the timeline.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

Although the function was Recently discovered, Instagram may soon be open to global users. We’ll update when the platform gets this cool new feature.

5. Instagram fan club

In addition to adding interactive elements to the app, Instagram will also introduce a new “fan club” feature, especially for content creators. Become an Instagram influencer Create an exclusive subscription-based community, Very similar to Twitter SuperFollows and OnlyFans.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

feature is discovered Created by Paluzzi, it allows creators to share stories, post stories, and hold live sessions exclusively for fan club members. Paluzzi shares screenshots Membership setting page, NS Approximate revenue screen, And more on his Twitter.

There is no information yet on whether the fan club feature is available on Instagram. However, given the fact that Instagram has completed the development of all the features it needs and the onboarding screen, it could arrive in the coming weeks.

6. Set the 24-hour status

NS report Back in August, Instagram is working on additional Ability to set 24-hour status On that platform. Temporary status will be displayed to followers who are following you beyond the set limit and will then be automatically deleted.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

The 24-hour status feature is currently available on Instagram’s dedicated messaging app thread. And now the company is likely to bring it into the main app.

7. Account Health Report

Instagram is also working on adding a new account heat section to give users a clear picture of the status of their account. All past digressions and deleted user posts are displayed, providing information on what to do in such cases.In addition, this new feature makes it easier for users. Request a review of a post on Instagram It may have been accidentally deleted.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

The feature was first Discovered by Paluzzi A few months ago. Since then, reverse engineers have shared various screenshots showing account health pages, FAQs related to deleted posts, and more.

In addition to these, Instagram also aims to add search capabilities to chats on its platform. Basically, users can easily find previously encountered conversations by searching for a specific message in the chat window.

8 useful features on Instagram
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi

This feature was first discovered in August. NS Per Paruzzi, When the user scrolls up the chat window, the in-chat search bar is displayed. You can then start typing the words associated with the text field and jump to the previous conversation.

New features to improve your Instagram experience

Therefore, these are some of the most interesting and useful features Instagram is currently working on. Some of these features were discovered a few months ago, but Instagram hasn’t added any of them to the public version at this time. However, Instagram may begin rolling out some of these features globally to users sooner rather than later. So which feature of Instagram are you most excited about? Is it an Instagram fan club or is it the ability to add music to feed posts? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.