8 Discord Servers (2022) Great for Minecraft to Join

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Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world, so of course players want the mundane to hang out, discuss game strategies, and share ideas for Minecraft homes. I’m out. And it’s better than the Discord server where you can join the active community, make new friends and play games with them. That’s why this article introduces you to the 10 best Discord servers for Minecraft with a significant community and secure environment. In that regard, check out the list of top Minecraft Discord servers.

Best Discord server for Minecraft (April 2022)

We’ve talked about top survival Discord servers that are completely focused on Minecraft or have enough dedicated channels for Minecraft. The table below lists them and you can quickly navigate to the corresponding section by clicking on the server name.

1. Mystic

Mystic is one of Minecraft’s top Discord servers and has over 30,000 active members. If you’re mainly looking for Minecraft-centric giveaways, this is the server Mystic needs to join.that is A vibrant and cozy community Among the many servers for Discord’s Minecraft player.

The best Discord server for Minecraft (2021)

You can do it Chat with other members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Share gameplay and ideas, and above all, access Minecraft mods all in the same place. Apart from that, Mystic also offers prizes for anime games. In summary, if you need a versatile Discord server for Minecraft, Mystic is one of the best servers.

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2. Purple prison

Purple Prison is not only one of the best Minecraft prison servers, but also has a huge active Discord community. This is a Discord server that is of great appeal to old gamers and gamers just starting their Minecraft journey.The server is popular with Minecraft and 24/7 active chat around Minecraft Discord Nitro Premium Subscription Freebie..

The best Discord server for Minecraft (2021)

Here you can find non-toxic players because the server has strict guidelines and many Discord bots to check users for spam and unwanted posts.Oh yeah you A clean space where you can talk to Minecraft players Discover new things about games from all over the world. In summary, Purple Prison is Minecraft’s popular Discord server, so give it a try.

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3. Cosmic craft

Cosmic Craft is one of Discord’s best Minecraft servers, and of course, according to top.gg’s rating.The moderators here are great, and the server offers a lot of features to make the environment better. User friendly and fun For gamers. What’s more, Discord’s premium Nitro subscription has a daily giveaway that many other Minecraft servers don’t have.

Cosmic craft

Another thing to note here is that the discussion at Cosmic Craft is almost harmless. However, players in the group may attack until the server is completely shut down.Nevertheless, Cosmic Craft Do a reasonably good jobAnd you will probably find your home for playing Minecraft with new people on this server.

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4. Chill bar

As the name implies, ChillBar is home to a huge and welcoming community that loves Minecraft, anime and social interaction. This server has dozens of audio channels with people around the world. Expect to play Minecraft and make new friends, interact and spend hours. But if that doesn’t suit you, the server allows people to just relax and have a conversation.


Apart from the game, the server Dedicated music, karaoke, AFK channels that too. You can also participate in monthly giveaways and art events on the server. According to reviews, the server is competitive, but non-toxic and has supportive players. After all, if you want to make new friends with or without Minecraft loops, the Chill Bar is for you.

Join the Chill Bar

5. Mantle

Most of the best Minecraft servers on Discord offer us the same. A good community and chat place. However, the mantle goes one step further. There is a lounge for people to chat and make friends. But it’s also the best source of information for getting a cloak in Minecraft. The entire Discord server is dedicated to cape creation and sharing services.


Meet a huge community of designers, other players, and cape lovers. Then, once you find your favorite cape, help the mantle community decorate it in the game. This cape may not be visible to most other players. But Mantle’s community of over 80,000 players is completely open to your new look.

Join the mantle

6. Mineplex

Mineplex is one of the best Minecraft servers ever. It has great game modes, a huge community, and some of the best custom maps. However, its creator doesn’t want to limit this fun to the world within Minecraft, so it has a dedicated discord server with over 50,000 members.

Mineplex Discord Server

You can always find thousands of active players on your game’s servers and Discord. There are dedicated channels for long voice conversations, art exchanges, and just networking If that’s what you want. Therefore, if you are new to games and trying to join the Minecraft community, the Mineplex network is one of the most welcome options.

Join Mineplex

7. Simplification of SkyBlock

If you’re working in the Minecraft community, you’ve probably heard about Hypixel. It’s one of the largest and best Minecraft servers ever. And SkyBlock Simpled is exclusively for SkyBlock, Hypixel’s most popular game mode. Players can use this discord server to discuss strategies, create guilds, and seek help from SkyBlock.

Skyblock Hypixel Simplified

You can also use this discord server for in-game migrations, trading, crafting, and other splash services. Due to the player base of all ages, this server has considerable moderation, A friendly and non-toxic place for young Minecrafters.. Overall, SkyBlock Simplified meets Hypixel’s quality and reputation as a fun and healthy spot for all gamers. Also, if you want to know more about Hypixel Server, you can read the dedicated article linked here.

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8. Minecraft Official

Last but not least, there’s an official Minecraft Discord.It has 800,000 members, It has become one of the largest Discord servers in history. However, the huge size of this server is also a limitation for most new players. This Discord server is almost always full. Therefore, you have to wait a few minutes for someone to leave. Then you can join immediately. It took only 30 seconds to complete.

Official Minecraft Discord server

When you access the server, you have everything you can expect.You can do it Chat with the developer and Take a look at future features. Also, please complain about the existing features. Therefore, if you want to join the largest Minecraft community in which game creators are involved, the official Minecraft server is the best choice.

Join Minecraft Official

Join the top Minecraft servers on Discord

In short, these are the perfect Discord servers for Minecraft, where you can join, make new friends, and move in a lively community. We focus on non-toxic servers so that you can enjoy Minecraft without fear of cyberbullying. Anyway, it’s all from us. If you’re looking for a Discord alternative with similar functionality, see our dedicated article. Have you missed the popular Minecraft Discord server before signing off? If so, please let us know and share your favorite Discord server for Minecraft in the comments section below.