8 Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers for Pokemon Fans (2022)

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As some of you may not know yet, the Pixelmon server is Minecraft’s answer to the best GBA Pokemon games that dominate the fan base. Some of them have a world like a city of Pokemon. On the other hand, some people have a full-fledged game where they can fight, capture and train Pokemon in Minecraft. However, as you can imagine, these servers run everything within the boundaries of the Minecraft biome. So while Pokemon may look like an anime counterpart, the city is still blocked. This unique combination of animated block-shaped Minecraft worlds is accompanied by a pinch of nostalgia. Each Pixelmon server offers special features along with some of the best Minecraft Mods. That said, let’s catch it all with the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers!

Best Minecraft Pixelmon Server (April 2022)

Please note that all Pixelmon servers have been modified and most servers may require you to download the Minecraft modpack. You may need to install Forge on Minecraft to do them. Therefore, please check such requirements for each server before joining.

1. MC complex

Starting with a large list, there is an MC complex. On our list, it’s one of the few Pixelmon servers that uses the Minecraft 1.18 update or later. And thanks to the huge number of Pokemon, this is one of the most popular Pixelmon servers. There are gyms, trainers, and wild Pokemon that recreate the real experience of anime.

MC complex

However, there are other game modes even if you choose not to enter the Pixelmon realm. Most of them have structures inspired by Pixelmons. If you need a break, this server also comes with other Minecraft adventure maps. These cover a variety of pop culture, including superheroes and comics.

2. Poke Saga

  • Server address: play.pokesaga.org
  • Server Modpack: Pixelmon +

PokeSaga takes advantage of Pixelmon’s regular open world to add interesting quests. You can access various custom skill sets and guilds. The most interesting is World boss to be defeated.. When it comes to gameplay, the server has Pokemon gyms, brawls, custom maps, and many active trainers. There are plenty of Pokemon realms for you to dive into to experience a unique world and separate game modes.

PokeSaga-Best Minecraft Pixelmon Server

Thanks to the older game version of the server, it runs smoothly on most modern machines. In addition, this server also has one of the most beautiful main lobbies.Comes with Giant legendary Pokemon statue Next to the mysterious terrain.

3. Pixelmon realm

This server has nothing to do with Minecraft Realms, so don’t be fooled by the name. However, the content it provides may be better than most official realms. There are about 800 Pokemon that cover the 8th generation of the series. There are even Pokemon bosses who can fight in the second half of the adventure.

Pixelmon Realm-The Best Minecraft Pixelmon Server
Official screenshot

On top of that, there are some quests on this Pixelmon server.Some of them Include NPC roles Inspired by the original Pokemon game. It is further subdivided into several smaller realms to reduce system congestion. But if all of this isn’t enough to impress you, there are also plenty of new in-game recipes on the server.

4. AnubisMC

This Minecraft Pixelmon server calls itself the best server and has a lot of features to support its claim. Like many servers, there are over 800 different locations dedicated to Pokemon and anime. Next to various unique places is the city of Pokemon and an oasis.


Anubis allows players to participate in regular giveaways and server events. There is even a server survival area where even Bedrock players can join. However, due to restrictions on modifications, Pokemon adventures cannot be put in the bag.

5. Pokeland

The following Pixelmon server uses the same basic formulas as any other server, but aims for a whole new experience. Rather than providing different individual locations, its main focus is to provide players with Pokemon Earth. Here, players can interact, explore and try to find Pokemon. But if you can’t find your favorite Pokemon, you can also buy it online.

Pokeland-The best Minecraft Pixelmon server

Server creator Offer some available upgrades It requires real world money. However, the server returns the same by holding a monthly tournament. Here, players get lots of exciting prizes, including real-world money. Due to the limited number of active players, we don’t recommend spending money unless you like the server.

6. Pork Paradise

Pork paradise

Of all the best Pixelmon Minecraft servers, PokeParadise seems to have the most modern Pokemon. Beyond the normal generation, it also adds the form of Pokemon Gigantamax and Eternamax. In addition, there are some new areas and textures in the anime series.

7. Pixelmon To Go

  • Server address: pixelmontogo.com
  • Server Modpack: PixelmonToGo

Most Minecraft servers, whether Pixelmon or not, aren’t ready to play directly. However, you don’t need it anymore as you only need to install Pixelmonmod on this next server. Then, as soon as you load the server, it will spawn you into an open world filled with Pokemon.

PixelmonToGo-The Best Minecraft Pixelmon Server

The server has a custom UI and also has its own launcher. Both of these are inspired by the original Pokemon game series. So, in a way, you can get another Pokemon game with Minecraft and easily enjoy it on the go.

8. Fruit network

Fruit Pixel Mon

Last but not least, there is the Fruit Network. This is a collection of game modes such as Skyblock, Survival, Prison, Pixelmon and more. This server, Pixelmon, is a combination of traditional models and survival gameplay. Enjoy your time with custom gyms, custom MMOs, weekly tournaments, and even special Pokédex rewards.

Bonus: How to change the game version in Java

Now that all the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers are covered, it’s time to figure out how to do them properly. Most of these servers run on Minecraft Java version 1.12.2, so you need to make the game that edition. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, launch the Minecraft Game Launcher and click “installThe “” tab in the top navigation bar of the Java section.

Installation with MC launcher

2. Next, Click the “New Installation” button.. It’s at the top of the version list.

New installation with Minecraft Java

3. Then enter any server name in the Name column. afterwards,”Release 1.12.2From the server drop-down menu. ” Then click the “Create” button at the bottom right.

Installation of MC1.12.2 version

4. When the new version is ready, it will appear in the list of installations.There is a need Click the “Play” button Open the Pixelmon compatible version of the game next to it.

Play a new installation of MC

Try these top Minecraft Pixelmon servers

Now you are ready to make a nostalgic journey into the world of Pokemon using the best Pixelmon Minecraft servers. Plus, with the correct Pixelmon modpack and game version, you can start playing as a trainer right away. However, if you don’t want to go online, the server modpack will also work offline. In addition, you can find similar best Minecraft modpacks around other popular series. Each of them has the potential to take you on a brand new adventure beyond the beautiful world.

You can also take it one step further by installing Optifine on Minecraft. This can improve the graphics and performance of the Minecraft world. Optifine features are especially useful on Pixelmon servers, as most support the best Minecraft shaders. With these features, you can make Pixelmon look like a character in a modern video game. That said, we won’t keep you here anymore. It’s time to check out the best Pixelmon servers and start catching Pokemon. Which Pokemon are you most looking forward to catching? Let us know in the comments!