7 Best Safari Extensions for iPhone and iPad

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Web extensions play an important role in providing a customizable browsing experience. Whether you’re blocking dubious websites, trackers, language translators, or tweaking the look of your browser, extensions are useful to you. That’s why it’s so important to bring web extensions to Safari for iOS 15. That said, check out the best Safari extensions you can try on your iPhone and iPad right now.

Best Safari Extensions for iPhone and iPad (2021)

iOS 15 is still under development, but iPhones and iPads already have some useful web extensions. It is expected that more extensions will appear on the shelves soon. Currently, libraries aren’t diverse and the App Store has only content blockers, but it’s only a matter of time before you settle for choice. Now, before proceeding, check out this handy guide on how to install Safari extensions on iOS 15. Then take a look at the top Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad that you can try right now.

1. Clario

If you plan to double the security and privacy of your iPhone, be sure to check Clario. This Safari extension provides reliable identity protection with a data breach monitor and a handy ad blocker to give you the peace of mind you need to browse the web.


Another feature that makes Clario a powerful Safari extension is an embedded VPN (Virtual Private Network) designed to protect your online privacy without compromising your browsing speed. Avoid invading your privacy when using public Wi-Fi or your home network.

Clario Offers only 7-day free trial.. Also, if you want to continue using the Safari extension, you must choose a monthly subscription starting at $ 9 / month. With all that in mind, Clario is one of the best Safari extensions for iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 users.

Main functions:

  • Built-in VPN service
  • Encrypt your data for added security
  • Smart ad blocker
  • UI with a modern look

Install Clario (7-day free trial, $ 8.99 / month)

2. Obstacles

When researching topics in Safari on iPhone, the last thing you’ll want to come across is unwanted content such as pop-ups, trackers, and social widgets. Not only do they cause distractions, they also slow down your browsing speed. Besides, they also eat a lot of mobile data. Therefore, if you want to improve your browsing experience by keeping unwanted content away, RoadBlock is a required Safari extension.


Roadblock is fairly lightweight and comes with A great tool for blocking different types of ads and pop-ups.. It also helps you remove autoplay videos, images, and scripts so you can focus on browsing the web.

Roadblock also brings abilities Create and manage multiple profiles The flexibility to use different profiles on different devices. In addition, you have the option to share your profile with family and friends. This is yet another advantage in terms of ease of use. In addition, this extension provides iCloud sync, so your profile and settings will stay updated between devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Main functions:

  • Block different types of ads and pop-ups
  • Create and manage multiple profiles
  • iCloud sync support

Install Roadblock (Free, full version $ 1.99)


Another ad blocker extension that you need to check out is called 1Blocker.Using this Safari extension Block some elements such as trackers, ads, pop-ups, etc., And other sites. It claims to load the site up to 2-5 times faster. This can be a big issue if you’re looking for a way to speed up your browsing experience.

1 blocker

With fully customizable IBlocker Set custom rules It depends on what works best for you. For example, you can create custom rules that block arbitrary URLs or hide arbitrary elements with CSS. When it comes to privacy, 1Blocker states that it has no access to web pages and is not monitoring activity.

In addition, 1Blocker Provides iCloud sync You will have a seamless ad blocking experience. In addition, it also supports Macs running macOS 10.15 and above, so you can keep your browsing safe throughout the Apple ecosystem.

Main functions:

  • Excellent for blocking ads and pop-ups
  • Ability to set custom rules
  • Option to hide elements in CSS
  • Provides seamless iCloud sync

1 Install Blocker (Free premium version starts at $ 1.99)

4. Block distracting websites

ScreenTime on the iPhone has an option to block websites, but this feature is hidden deep in the settings. Therefore, blocking / unlocking a website may not seem like a useful task for many users. If you are one of them, this Safari extension could be your favorite choice.

Website blocker

For web extensions Clean and simple interface It’s easy to navigate. In addition, you can easily block or unblock distracting websites. It costs $ 3 and supports iPhones, iPads (iOS 12 and above), and Macs with the Apple M1 chip. Therefore, you can use this nifty Safari extension to keep unwanted sites away from your devices.

Main functions:

  • Lightweight and clean
  • An easy way to block a website
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and Mac for a seamless blocking experience

Install a block distracting website (Paid, $ 2.99)

5. Hashnag blocker

If you are looking for the best free Safari extensions on iOS 15, we recommend checking out Hush Nag Blocker. This open source Safari extension is fully integrated within Safari to provide an efficient blocking experience. Lightweight and provides a smooth web browsing experience on your iPhone.


In terms of privacy, Hush Nag Blocker is also on target. The extension does not have a behavior tracking function, Does not collect your personal data.. Safari handles blocks as directed by the extension, so you can rely on it not to interfere with your browsing history. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a free Safari extension to block content online, get Hush Nag Blocker.

Main functions:

  • Open Source
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Completely free

Install Hush Nag Blocker (freedom)

6. Quiet

Because the name itself is clear, Quiet is designed to get rid of all the distractions so you can focus on your work without interference. This powerful content blocker goes beyond blocking ads and websites. With this extension, Block chat bubbles, notification pop-upsYou can also share the button on the Safari website. It helps to keep it out of the way of your work.


Even if it’s quiet Supports many languages ​​and Includes English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Swedish and more. In addition, it’s compatible with iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, providing a simplified content blocking experience on all devices. At $ 9, Quiet looks too expensive, but given its robust content blocking capabilities, it’s safe to say.

Main functions:

  • Block chat bubbles and share buttons
  • Does not track your data
  • Does not collect personal data
  • Supports many languages

Install Quiet (Paid, $ 8.99)

7. BlockBear

for Ad-free browsing experience in Safari on iPhone, You can count on this free extension to meet your expectations. This extension, called BlockBear, advertises that many websites load up to 3-5 times faster. Blocking online trackers and social buttons.. If that claim applies, it accelerates your browsing experience and saves you enough bandwidth.Besides, it also plays an important role Improve iPhone battery life Or iPad.


In addition, in BlockBear Whitelist your favorite websites.. In short, this extension makes it a little easier to manage unwanted priority sites. With all these features in mind, BlockBear is one of the best free Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad.

Main functions:

  • Block online trackers and social buttons
  • Claims to load your site up to 3-5 times faster
  • Whitelist your favorite websites

Install BlockBear (freedom)

Best Safari Extensions for iOS 15 and iPad OS 15

here you go! So these are the best Safari web extensions currently available for iPhone and iPad. As mentioned above, iOS 15 is still in beta, so the extension library is not extensible. However, when the latest iOS iterations are released to the public later this fall, I think the library will be flooded with many useful Safari extensions. Rest assured that we will update this summary as more extensions arrive.

What do you think about the redesigned Safari browser and extension support? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. In addition, you should try out other cool iOS 15 new features such as notification summary, legacy contacts, SharePlay, etc. via linked articles.