6 Outside Storage Benches You Can Use At Home

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It’s nice to have an outdoor bench while relaxing and enjoying the view, especially if you are comfortable spending time outdoors. But it’s a lot nicer if you have a bench that can be used as a storage box at the same time. You can not only sit and relax on it but also store necessary items in it. Here are sturdy and classic storage benches perfect for you:

Keter Borneo Outdoor Storage Bench

This outdoor cushion storage bench is inspired and named after the Malayan Archipelago. Keter Borneo is an outdoor bench and storage with an exterior look of rattan but is actually made out of a weather-resistant resin. This robust and durable product is made to prevent denting, rusting, and peeling compared to a real rattan product. Seating on it is also not a problem because it can endure a 220-kilogram weight. This storage bench is perfect for storing your cushions and a lot more.

Lifetime 60254 Outdoor Storage Bench

The storage capacity of this outdoor bench is what makes it the star player from other options. When you are into a vast size bench, Lifetime 60254 is a monster.  Its storage space contains 150 gallons of storage, and its dimensions are superb. The spring-controlled hinges can open up more than 90° and will not slam when you shut it. And since the lid is lockable, you will not worry about someone who might access what you stored in it. This weather-resistant bench can withstand all elements and can be used for additional seating.

Rubbermaid FG5E3900OLVSS Outdoor Storage Bench

If you are looking for a great outdoor storage bench with a price not too high, this Rubbermaid FG5E3900OLVSS is best for you. This bench is a favorite by many because it’s not that pricy, yet there is no compromised quality. You will get an incredible amount of value with this product. The durability of this storage bench can seat two full-grown adults. And unlike wood or metal furniture, this product will surely not rot or rust. Incredibly durable and easy to assemble outdoor storage bench.

Suncast 50 Gallon Patio Bench with Storage

This Suncast patio bench looks stylish with a headboard that you can lean your body on conveniently and comfortably. Rest your back and relax as it is designed durably for that. The bench also has a 50-gallon storage space where you can store gardening tools, pool toys, cushions, and other things since it is spacious enough. It is also made of polyresin, so it is water-resistant and resists rusting and fading, making it look new even after many years.

Keter Novel 90 Galon Outdoor Storage Bench

The Keter Novel outdoor storage bench comes also equipped with a lockable lid so that your valuable belongings are safe and protected from lurking neighbors. A durable combination of a bench that two or more adults can seat and a 90-gallon storage deck capable of storing plenty of needed items. Cozy and convenient bench seating with more or less 485 lbs weight capacity. If you want it more comfortable than it already is, you can put a cushion pad on top. Even after repeated exposure to harsh elements, it will not peel, fade, dent, or rust since it comes from weather-resistant polypropylene to guarantee its durability.

Lifetime Heavy-Duty Outdoor Bench

This heavy-duty outdoor bench doubles its purpose as also a storage box. Lifetime heavy-duty comes from premium quality polyethylene, which can surely endure and survive all weather conditions—shielded by UV panels and even water-resistant so that items stored inside are safe. Its storage capacity is 130 gallons that can keep tons of things, and the weight capacity of this bench can also bear a total of 900 lbs. The lid is also lockable and equipped with spring hinges to not slam shut when you close it. This storage bench is a top-of-the-line product with thousands of good ratings up to date.


You may find these outdoor storage benches not that essential, but it is excellent for additional storage and of course a bench. With all the listed above’ storage capacity, you will not worry about where to place all your outdoor things, such as cushions, grilling tools, pool toys, gardening tools, sports equipment, and a lot more.


You can also have a relaxing sit on it without worrying that you will damage them since it is all made of high-quality, sturdy, and durable material. A wooden outdoor bench may look classy, but it doesn’t offer a long-term quality compared to the listed above. After all, it is you who will choose what is best for you.