4K Tokkit Review: Quickly download TikTok videos to your desktop

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Some TikTok videos are worth saving and can still be viewed. And we may share them with our friends. You can also download the video directly from the TikTok mobile app, but not in the web version. Also, it cannot be downloaded in bulk with the mobile app. Moreover, you don’t want to clog your phone storage.

4K Tokkit, a TikTok video downloader, solves this and other problems without any hassle or technical effort. And it’s also super fast. That’s one of the reasons I love it. In particular, 4K Tokkit saves phone time and storage space by downloading videos to your computer or external storage. But is it worth it? Let’s check!

⚠️ caution: You can download TikTok videos in the app, but please be aware that the downloaded content may be subject to copyright protection. Therefore, unless the content (including TikTok videos) is explicitly licensed under Creative Commons, they are subject to copyright.

4K Tokkit Review: Instantly download TikTok videos

4K Tokkit is a full-fledged TikTok video downloader, providing all the tools you need to download multiple TikTok videos in the highest quality at once. Use advanced scraping and query algorithms to find and download semantically relevant videos such as captions, meta descriptions, cover images, and more.

However, the app can be installed as a Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac app. 4K Tokkit uses its rich features to connect to your favorite hashtags and creators’ content. You can also get all the videos featuring a particular song. You can also download a single video, but it requires a premium package.

Still, 4K Tokkit has a date filter that limits downloads to a specific time frame. For some reason, the filter doesn’t work for videos downloaded by hashtags or featured sounds.

Given the high number of requests, I thought it would take years to download the content. But my extended experience with the app changed that notion. In fact, some networks have very good download speeds.

Being a desktop app, one of the issues that 4K Tokkit solves is that you can download TikTok videos directly to your PC or Mac. Therefore, you can save the storage space of your mobile phone. 4K Tokkit is a convenient way to save downloaded videos to an external drive.

How to use 4K Tokkit on Mac

Downloading a TikTok video using 4K Tokkit is easy, depending on what you want to download and how you get it. However, keep in mind that in 4K Tokkit each bulk download is called a subscription.

For example, all you need is a username from a particular author.For videos that mention a specific hashtag, paste the hashtag (after that) #); The same process applies when downloading a video with a particular sound. Just enter the song title. However, to get a single video, you need to copy and paste the link.

In addition, you can use filters to reduce the number of videos that 4K Tokkit downloads at one time. Introducing the process of downloading videos from specific creators. This is because it doesn’t cost a dime to get started. For example, suppose you want all the videos from March 30th to March 31st.

  1. Open Desktop app When type Author username in the console
    This is @ symbol.
  2. Then click Author’s name From the options.
  3. click Filter icon Specify date..
  4. Finally, click download.. that’s it!

To watch the downloaded video:

  1. click 3 vertical dots It is in the upper right.
  2. next, Look in the folder Find out where the video is on your computer.

To remove a download or subscription: click 3 vertical dots Choose delete..

Note: Deleting a subscription or downloading it from the app does not delete the subscription in your local directory.

What I like about 4K Tokkit

I’ve been using 4K Tokkit to download many TikTok videos for a while, and my favorite features are:

1. Download TikTok videos in bulk

Repeated downloads of 4K Tokkit are one of the attributes that make it unique. The mechanism of this function is simple. This allows 4K Tokkit to download videos in three ways, depending on your choice.

When downloading creator-specific videos, 4K Tokkit looks up the creator’s profile and indexes all videos posted on TikTok. Hashtag searches are more extensive because they scrape TikTok for all videos that contain the queried hashtag. This is very useful if you just want to see all the posts related to the trend hashtag.

TikTok itself provides built-in sound for video. 4K Tokkit uses this information to query videos for featured sounds and songs. I have to confess, I’m amazed at the performance of the app.

2. Automatically subscribe to queries

4K Tokkit uses a subscription to lock users to previous downloads. Therefore, this attribute automatically updates the feed when there are updates related to the query. This does not apply to date-sorted downloads, as 4K Tokkit will stop updating other than the selected date.

However, if you previously stopped auto-renewal, you can remove the subscription from the feed, suspend it, or manually renew it.

3. Sort TikTok content by date

You can use the ability to sort creators’ videos by posting date to narrow down your queries. This eliminates the need to download all content from the time you join TikTok.

We expect this feature to work immediately with videos queried by hashtags and sound clips.

4. Download one TikTok video (premium only)

Yes, you can download the video alone on TikTok. And this only works in the mobile version. However, 4K Tokkit is useful for saving videos directly to your computer or external drive. However, this feature comes with a premium plan.

That said, you can also subscribe to the creator of a single video. Therefore, this will trigger 4K Tokkit to download all content as well as bulk downloads.

5. Save video cover photos and captions

4K Tokkit is more than just video. In addition, download the video cover photo to another folder. However, this is useful for some users. However, if you think you are using extra storage space, you can remove them.

Finally, to extract captions from downloaded videos, 3 vertical dots Click on the video copy..

6. Back up your TikTok content

Backing up your data to your computer is another great feature of 4K Tokkit. This allows you to use videos, captions, cover photos, etc. offline, even if you have limited or no internet access. In addition, it can be useful if you lose your TikTok account.

7. Easily organize your downloads

4K Tokkit creates a folder on your computer when you first start the download, but you can change the download location. However, I like how the app organizes downloads into separate folders on your computer.

This also applies to your app, as it outlines your subscription for easy access. In addition, you can watch hashtags, music, or videos downloaded by the author. This is useful because you can jump directly to the folder containing the video from within the app. Look in the folder feature.

What’s more in 4K Tokkit?

4K Tokkit continues to add features and continually improve existing features. This is fine. But after all, are they worth the expectation? Future features are:

I don’t know how 4K Tokkit gets private videos. These are only accessible to the author. But frankly, I want to sit firmly and see this feature unfold. What’s more, at some point you may need to peek at what others have in their private corner. Well, it’s creepy!

And if this becomes possible later, I blame TikTok instead of 4K Tokkit for such a privacy breach. What’s more, 4K Tokkit is only intended to satisfy users.

However, downloading recommended videos is a great feature worth expecting, as you can get customized videos based on your interests.

2. Proxy service to download region-specific videos

TikTok is available in almost every part of the world, but it still limits what is displayed based on location. Therefore, it depends on the location. Undoubtedly, 4K Tokkit’s incoming proxy service is a killer feature because it allows you to access videos outside your area.

What’s broken in 4K Tokkit?

Most of the time, I love what 4K Tokkit brings to the table. Its user interface also looks simple and easy to understand. But what’s frustrating about this app is that I can’t get back to the home screen once I close the downloaded video and subscription menu and start downloading the video.

This may prevent you from accessing other features such as account backup. At some point it was closed when I deleted all subscriptions and downloads. But after downloading a single video, there was no way I could do that. In this menu, you can use the back or close button to return to the home screen.

Is 4K Tokkit worth it?


User interface
User experience
Download speed
Value of money

Overall, 4K Tokkit is a valuable software and quite suitable for downloading videos from TikTok. Above all, its configuration, download speed, and search speed impress me. With a tool like 4K Tokkit, you can quickly get everything you need from TikTok!

Strong Points

  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use
  • Stop downloading at any time
  • Subscription tab for real-time content updates
  • Easy access to downloaded videos


  • Once you start the download, you don’t have to go back to the home screen with a one-click button
  • No date filters for videos downloaded with hashtags or featured sounds


  • free
  • Individual: $ 15
  • Pro: $ 45
  • Bundle: $ 65