4 New Outstanding Timepieces From The Tutima Glashutte Collections 

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Finding the best and newest watches today is not an easy task. You would see a lot of it on the internet. You should always check the brand, reviews, features, and quality of the watch before buying it. One of the newest and hottest timepieces today is from the Tutima Glashutte collections. Check out these great watches: 

The Tutima Glashutte 6451-03

Choosing a branded watch is indeed a tough decision. You must consider the quality and the features that it has to offer. One of the best among the Tutima Watches collection is the Tutima Glashutte 6451-03 from the M2 series. It has a distinct feature and offers you the same elegance that you want to be placed on your wrist.

This model has a classy black dial that showcases elegance at first glance. You would be fascinated as this model’s case is not made with ordinary steel. The case of this model is made primarily with solid pear-blasted titanium with a diameter of 46.5 mm. In its case alone, you would know the durability that this watch has to offer. 

Moreover, the movement of this watch has a lot to offer as well. It comes with Cal. Tutima 521 caliber provides you a more precise movement. This model also has a power reserve that can last up to 44 long hours. 

If you are someone who likes the joy of adventures, this watch will be the best for you. You can enjoy your sea-diving activities and always keep in touch with the time as this watch could resist water for up to 300 meters! The band of this watch showcases durability as it is made with premium titanium material. 

The Tutima Glashutte 6420-05

Another new model from Tutima Glashutte is the Tutima Glashutte 6420-05 model from the classy Saxon One series. You would surely be allured with its distinctive features as its dial is hued in blue along with its silver-tone hands and luminescent finish. 

The case of this watch is made with high-quality stainless steel that showcases the durability of its case along. The shape of its case is round with a transparent back and 43 mm in size. The band is also made up of premium stainless steel material that gives the watch its robust appearance. 

The watch has a precise movement that ensures to always provide you with accurate time wherever you are. It comes with Tutima Calibre 521. You will not be left behind on your adventures if you have this watch as this could resist water up to 200 meters deep. 

The Tutima Glashutte 6450-03

One of the Tutima Glashutte collection’s hottest models is the Tutima Glashutte 6450-03 from the M2 series. At first glance, you know you would want this watch. It has the classic black dial that ensures elegance to the owner. Collectors have always seen this as the new must-have Tutima Glashutte timepiece. 

Its case is made up of premium solid pear-blasted titanium material. The shape of its case is round and with a size of 46 mm. This watch’s band showcases authentic design and quality as it is made with high-quality titanium material that enables it to make it extra durable. 

The movement of this watch ensures precision. It comes with the Caliber Cal Tutima 521 along with 25 jewels. It has a power reserve that would last for 44 hours. Your extreme sea-diving activities would not be missed since this watch is water-resistant for up to 300 meters! 

The Tutima Glashutte 6406-03

Another new trend from the Tutima Glashutte collection is the Tutima Glashutte 6406-03 model from the famous Grand Flieger series. This watch offers you a unique green dial and durable case. Its case is primarily made from premium stainless steel material. The back of its case is see-through and in round shape with a size of 43mm.

Its movement features the Caliber Cal Tutima 521 along with 25 jewels. In case of emergencies, this watch has a power reserve that would last 44 hours long! You would not miss any of your adventures as this watch is made with premium material. Hence, this is durable. 

Many people like adventures. They would always look for a durable watch. Adventures such as sea-diving are not new today. This model allows you to keep track of the time even if you are in deep-sea since this watch is water-resistant for up to 200 meters! 


Tutima Glashutte has been providing some of the most durable and elegant watches ever created. Whatever Tutima Glashutte you choose, you will have no regrets because it will give you the best possible quality.