2022 My Dream iPhone Wish List

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I bought the iPhone 13 on the release date. It wasn’t the color I wanted, but it was the iPhone I wanted (I wanted blue, but I had to settle for Starlight). It’s an incredible smartphone, probably equipped with the best Apple has had over the years.

But it’s not my dream iPhone. In fact, none of the iPhones Apple currently sells qualify for my dream iPhone.

So I will take you to a world far away from now on. There, a person like me can dictate a conglomerate of signs like Apple to make my (and perhaps your) dream iPhone.

Size is important …

Size is important for iPhone

I have big hands and I like big phones. But I’m not a fan of the ProMax edition of the iPhone, which has a large 6.7-inch screen. Even a big hand feels a little too much. The current 6.1-inch iPhone seems to be perfect for me. But even if Apple decides to raise it to a 6.3 or 6.4-inch screen, I wouldn’t complain.

One-handed use of the iPhone is essential for me, and for a one-handed iPhone, a 6.4-inch screen is the upper limit of my spectrum.

… But comfort is more important

I’m not a fan of the monolithic design that Apple introduced in the iPhone 12 series. Not comfortable. The feeling of holding it in my hand doesn’t cut it for me.

Dear Apple, I know you’re not the one to go back to your decision, but if you can go back to your old, iPhone 11-inspired design, I’ll get that device You will pay an additional fee.

Design innovation? Yes, please!

Apple is the epitome of innovation. Everyone wanted to copy Apple. However, the iPhone’s design innovation seems to have hit a wall, and the iPhone 13 is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone X. Yes, the iPhone 13 series has a narrower notch and a higher notch. No one measures whether it is actually 20% smaller.

We want innovation. Go to Notch City. Let’s see what an iPhone with punch holes looks like. Or even better, there are no notches at all.

Of course, this means Apple has to find a new home for Face ID infrastructure.If it was up to me, if I was making an iPhone (Oh wait, I), Put an end to Face ID and revive Touch ID. And it will be on the iPhone’s power button, like the iPad.

Touch ID makes a lot of sense in my mind. But Apple and I haven’t looked at this. iOS 15.4 will soon become a reality with the ability to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, which almost certainly means the death of Touch ID on the iPhone. RIP!

Speaking of screens, my dream iPhone also has an OLED panel with a 120Hz ProMotion display.

Long-lasting iPhone

There was a time when iPhone users never left home without an external power bank or a convenient charger. But everything has changed from the iPhone 11 series, and the iPhone 13 series has now taken battery life to new limits.

Apple doesn’t give you the exact number of battery capacities, but after digging a bit here and there and disassembling it later, I found that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 4,352mAh battery. It’s amazing and, in fact, embarrassing all other smartphones, including those over 6,000mAh.

But I am a greedy person. I want to increase the battery capacity of my iPhone. Dear Apple, make an iPhone with a battery of 5000mAh or more.

I want an iPhone that supports at least 45W fast charging

And while we’re working on it, I also want an iPhone that supports a fast charge of at least 45W with the power adapter in the box. Most of us already own EarPods or have a pair of AirPods, so you don’t have to put your EarPods in the box, but the power adapter in the box would be great.

The best camera on the iPhone. So far.

The best iPhone camera ever

Apple has a habit of dealing with superlatives and I’m not complaining. Rather than hearing Tim Cook say that the camera is the same as last year and that no one cares about it with a gradual upgrade, I want to get “the best camera ever on the iPhone” every year.

But my dream iPhone definitely has all the cameras, even if the name doesn’t include Pro. Three rear cameras. Similar to the iPhone13Pro, but with one small (read: big) change. Adios 12MP lens!

Let’s pull out some numbers here. With a 64MP wide camera on the back, it combines a 48MP ultra-wide camera with the last 10MP telephoto camera with a 10x periscope zoom.

This triple threat makes my dream camera configuration on this legendary iPhone. With a 64MP main lens, the sensor is much larger, giving you more detailed shots and more light.

The 48MP ultra-wide camera makes more sense than the current 12MP numbers. This is because cropping on a 48MP shot gives much better results than a 12MP shot.

And finally, a 10MP telephoto camera with a 10x periscope allows you to zoom in on this iPhone to hold more details.

Now, squinting people can say that the iPhone already has a 12MP telephoto lens, but it’s worth pointing out that this 12MP sensor only has a 3x optical zoom. This fictional dream iPhone actually has a 10x telephoto lens and a 10x periscope, with better zoom than 3x optics.

Fast & Furious iPhone

Apple now just works with 4GB of RAM. Starting with the iPhone 12 Pro model, it hit 6GB, how long has it been? Competitors have moved to double-digit RAM for their flagship smartphones. Of course, the iPhone works fine with 4-6GB of RAM, but it doesn’t matter if you have more than that, right?

So add at least 8GB of RAM to make it really a fast beast.

What is non-performance RAM? Apple’s Bionic chips are better year-over-year, but that’s not enough. I want more. Just as Apple first hit the laptop industry with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and now the M1 Ultra chip, they need something similar for the iPhone.

It will satisfy my thirst for performance. IPhone that is too fast and too ferocious!

Mo’money, mo’problem

And finally, let’s talk about prices. After creating this dream setup, adding the best specs, and creating an iPhone that can be head-to-shoulder than any other smartphone, Apple will certainly price from the market, right?

Wrong. My dream iPhone will also maintain a relatively affordable price of $ 899. This is the right combination of budget and premium. It’s not overkill like the ProMax variation with a $ 1099 price tag, and not too budgeted like the base model mini iPhone with a $ 699 price tag.


Of course, this is a dream. I don’t see Apple doing this right away, or maybe so far. Well, it’s certainly not that price tag. However, it doesn’t cost a penny to dream.

But can you comment on what your dream iPhone looks like, hoping that this dream iPhone will come true? Let’s chat. Hopefully you could send a letter to Apple and move something.

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