2021 15 Death Note iPhone Wallpapers (Free HD Download)

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Death Note is a must-see for anime lovers. If you love that memorable character as much as I do, here are some high resolution Death Note iPhone wallpapers that you will appreciate. This suspense series was originally written as a manga, and its powerful images make the home and lock screens stand out.

Scroll down to check the wallpapers and download the free high resolution version.

1. Shinigami Ryuk Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper that introduces the most iconic characters of Death Note. The bright red background adds a nice pop color to your screen.

Death note wallpaper 1


2. Light Yagami wallpaper

I love this minimalist Death Note iPhone wallpaper in classic black, red and white shades. Light Yagami, also known as Kira, is a feature.

Death note wallpaper 2


3. Aesthetic Shinigami Wallpaper

Make your iPhone screen dark and dramatic with this mysterious Grim Reaper Wallpaper. It looks super cool and aesthetic.

Death note wallpaper 3


4. Grim Reaper with Death Note

The smoky effect on this Death Note image looks pretty mysterious. It will be the perfect dark theme wallpaper for your iPhone.

Death note wallpaper 4


5. Aesthetic Death Note Wallpaper

What about the vintage aesthetic look of the iPhone that reminds you of Death Note? Here is the perfect floral wallpaper for that.

Death note wallpaper 5


6. Death Note Minimalist Wallpaper

Apple is an important symbol of Death Note and this wallpaper is the same as the Apple logo. It’s a great creative twist for a minimalist look.

Death note wallpaper 6


7. Death Note Ryuk Wallpaper

This is a nice abstract background that DEATH NOTE fans will love. The simple black and white tones are perfect for the dark mode of your iPhone.

Death note wallpaper 7


8. Death note abstract wallpaper

Add a touch of flowers to your iPhone screen with this background. I think it’s especially attractive to writers and artists.

Death note wallpaper 8


9. Earth Shinigami Death Note Anime Wallpaper

No more looking for iconic anime wallpapers for iPhone inspired by Death Note. It features a god of death sitting on a pylon.

Death note wallpaper 9


10. Grim Reaper Abstract Wallpaper

I love the artistic atmosphere of this wallpaper featuring Grim Reaper. It’s simple yet tells a story and looks unique.

Death note wallpaper 10


11. Death note background

This wallpaper is perfect for fans who want to remember Death Note every time they look at their smartphone. It will probably remind you to eat one apple a day!

Death note wallpaper 11


12. Grim Reaper Red and Black Wallpaper

Now you can see that I’m pretty crazy about Grim Reaper! If you too, here is another wallpaper of this fascinating dark creature.

Death note wallpaper 12


13. Light Yagami wallpaper

This image has a classic anime feel that true fans love to show off on their phones. I especially love the watercolor effects that add an artistic touch.

Death note wallpaper 13


14. Light Death Note Wallpaper

Keep watching the light in this cute Death Note wallpaper featuring the hero’s lights.

Death note wallpaper 14


15. L Death Note Wallpaper for iPhone

This dark turquoise L Death Note aesthetic wallpaper gives your screen a minimal aesthetic.

Death note wallpaper 15


This completes this cool collection of Death Note iPhone wallpapers that will appeal to all fans. What did you think of this anime? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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