17 free Disney wallpapers for iPhone in 2021

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If you love animated films as much as we do, here’s a treat for you. These amazing Disney wallpapers for iPhone feature some of the most beloved movies and characters, from cars and Toy Story to frozen. Each one should bring a smile to your face every day.

So go ahead and download all these cute Disney wallpapers to make your phone the happiest place in your life. Scroll down and glance at it and click the link to download the high resolution image.

Note: These wallpapers are obtained from Moviemania and all images, characters, etc. are copyrighted by © Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and © Pixar.

1. Disney Frozen Wallpapers

This beautiful snowflake is minimalist and modern. Great for dark mode!

Disney wallpaper 1


2. Toy story wallpaper

Check out this cute Disney character iPhone wallpaper featuring Toy Story friends!

Disney wallpaper 2


3. iPhone Disney Princess Wallpaper

No matter who your favorite Disney Princess is, this adorable wallpaper has them all.

Disney wallpaper 3


4. Rapunzel Tangled Wallpaper

This Disney Princess wallpaper should remind you to disappoint your hair!

Disney wallpaper 4


5. WALL-E Wallpaper for iPhone

How adorable this wallpaper is to introduce WALL-E’s gift to Eve!

Disney wallpaper 5


6. Disney Castle Wallpaper

The enchanting Disney castle is sure to add magic to your screen!

Disney wallpaper 6


7. Cute disney wallpapers

Hakuna Matata! Inspire you to get rid of your worries and ease it with this Lion King wallpaper!

Disney wallpaper 7


8. The Lion King Wallpaper

Find your place in the circle of life in the background of this adorable Lion King.

Disney wallpaper 8


9. Cute toy story wallpaper

These memorable Disney characters will enhance your spirit every time you look at the screen!

Disney wallpaper 9


10. Brave wallpaper

Are depressed? Fierce Merida is here to remind you to be brave!

Disney wallpaper 10


11. Toy Story character wallpaper

This is the symbolic emotional scene of the final farewell between Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 4. It reminds me that whatever happens is okay.

Disney wallpaper 11


12. Disney Pixar Wallpaper

Car fans will love this moody and minimalist wallpaper from the super fun car movie!

Disney wallpaper 12


13. Aesthetic Disney iPhone Wallpaper

I love the cool colors of this wallpaper that will add an aesthetic look to your iPhone screen.

Disney wallpaper 13


14. Cool car wallpaper

Meet speed and style with this fun wallpaper from Cars 3.

Disney wallpaper 14


15. Disney car wallpaper

There’s one more for Cars fans!

Disney wallpaper 15


16. Moana Wallpaper

Intensely independent, intelligent and bold – Moana is one of the most exciting Disney characters. Get this free iPhone wallpaper and remember to go on an adventure.

Disney wallpaper 16


17. Elsa wallpaper

This is a beautiful minimalist Frozen wallpaper featuring amazing Elsa!

Disney wallpaper 17


I hope you enjoyed these free Disney wallpapers for your iPhone. They are sure to keep your inner child happy! Do you have any other wallpaper requests? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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