15 Best Free Steam Games for Mac Users

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Steam is a web platform from recreation developer Valve in which you may buy, play, create, etc PC games. Steam is a blessing for the gamers of this generation and it has both – free and paid games. 

The platform hosts lots of games (in addition to downloadable content, or DLC, and user-generated functions called “mods”) from foremost builders and independent game developers. 

So, in this article, we are going to list 15 best free steam games for your mac and basically for you to enjoy your life even more and without spending any money at all. So, let’s just move ahead. 



This is an exciting game of indie, action, adventure, and strategy. It’s a one-player game, so you can enjoy this game just by yourself. The reviews of this game tell us that this game has really given its best and reached beyond everybody’s expectations. It has received over 92% great reviews. Check this game out from the link given below –



This game application is one of the best free online games to play on Mac. Everything is based and starts from the seed itself. Every single thing is about the seed only. The choices you make, how you play the game, the ending, the starting, everything! Check this game out from the link mentioned above, below the picture. 



It’s a game of puzzles, indie, and causality. It was introduced to the world in 2017, and it is still shining in 2021. The reviews would encourage you to get this game like no one can because it has gotten numerous and great reviews. It’s a great game to play on your mac. 



This game is kind of an escape-the-room one where you need to find a way to get out of the room. It’s a game of concentration, sharpness and to bring your inner detective out to play and save you. Moreover, the game’s hand-drawn artifacts and easy interplay with the items are remarkable and you’ll discover yourself engrossed in the sport with splendid music. Pay interest to the info and you’d discover all of the solutions within.



It is an action-adventure 2D platform game with handmade pixel art, an original soundtrack, and a passion for character advent and dialogue.



This game is informal, but one of the best free Steam games for Mac users that allows you to create works of art by filling in pixels in existing templates. The game has more than 300 different levels, 90 of which are completely free. There are several features as well. 



It’s a wonderful game for action-packed-game lovers. Moreover, it’s a dynamic first-person shooter game where you can play as a dangerous agent and complete all tasks. It’s a super interesting free steam game for Mac. 



A solo player game of action, adventure, indie, strategy, racing and fun. It’s a game of car battle. Right now, this game is not available on steam, but it will arrive super soon, so keep your eyes on it till the time being. 



The first part of this game was loved by so many people in such a short period of time, that the second part got released soon that too in the same year. Even this second part got more hits than the first one, with over 97% ratings and reviews. The game has had many more updates in the past few years for you to check it out. 



The largest development in Portal 2 over the first and real installment is the proven fact that it gives multiplayer support. With a slew of distinctive levels that may need the utilization of two sets of portals, players are very forced to assume outside the box on a way to complete these levels. This new updated version is nicer and more exciting. 



It’s a great steam game for Mac, which lets you make and design your own house through this application without spending any single money. Super exciting and super fun! 



The massive hit of the second part of this game has been mentioned in one of the points above. This one is a game of adventure, indie, and RPG. It was introduced in 2015, and people are still loving the game in 2021. The ratings are extremely good with more than 91% votes.  



This one is the second season of walking dead and it’s one of the best steam games for Mac. In addition to decision-making, the game also focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and QTE. There are several games in this series, and they are complete, which means that the player has a complete story that spans multiple parts of the video game. 



That’s true, life IS strange, but this game isn’t. This particular game is beautiful and yet so much fun to play! It’s a five-part plot game designed to completely change the narrative through choices and consequences, allowing players to rewind time and influence the past, present, and future. Definitely go for this! 



If you like stealth games, there is nothing better than this. You should take a close look at the first part of the restart to see how much fun you can get from it before you delve into any of the following parts. 


So, these were 15 best free steam games for your Mac. Hope this was helpful and you will enjoy it!