14 ways to fix YouTube videos that don’t play in Safari on Mac

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YouTube is one of the most popular video sites and works well in all browsers including Apple’s Safari. But is Safari playing YouTube videos on Mac? This could be due to competing ad blockers, extensions, or inadequate internet. Or there may be a problem on YouTube.

please do not worry! Here are 14 easy ways to fix YouTube videos that don’t play on Mac Safari.

  1. Make sure Safari loads other websites
  2. Let’s do a quick speed test!
  3. Make sure youtube isn’t down
  4. Kill Safari and restart it
  5. Restart your mac
  6. Restart your Wi-Fi router
  7. Turn off VPN on Mac
  8. Clear YouTube cache and cookies
  9. Turn off Safari content blockers for YouTube
  10. Disable Adblocker in Safari
  11. Remove YouTube-specific extensions
  12. Make sure JavaScript is enabled
  13. Update Safari on Mac
  14. Use a different browser

1. Make sure Safari is loading other websites

If you’re reading this post in Safari, there’s nothing wrong with the internet. You can skip to the next solution. If you’re reading this in another browser or device, open Safari on your Mac and go to the website.

Does it work? If yes, proceed to the next fix. If not, learn how to fix the internet that doesn’t work on your Mac.

2. Let’s do a quick speed test!

Simply put, YouTube is very good and in most cases works even with poor connections (poor video quality). However, if Safari isn’t playing YouTube videos on your Mac, run a quick speed test.

  1. Use Safari to visit fast.com and have them rate your internet speed.
  2. If it is about several Mbps, there is no problem.
  3. Worse than that, YouTube will not work properly. Please contact your internet service provider.
  4. See also a guide on how to speed up downloads on your Mac.

3. Make sure YouTube is not down

If you suddenly can’t play the video, it’s probably not a problem on your side. Instead, there are some technical issues on the YouTube side.

To confirm this,YouTube is down.. Click on one of the various web search results, such as:

If YouTube is down with a few people, please wait for a while until the issue is resolved.

4. Kill Safari and restart it

  1. Push Command + Options + esc A key to display the kill menu.
    You can also click Apple logo Upper left → forced termination..
  2. select Safari Click forced termination..
  3. After 15 seconds, reopen Safari and see if YouTube loads.

    Kill Safari and restart it

5. Restart your Mac

This is one of the most important (still overlooked) solutions. Rebooting fixes some minor glitches that your Mac detects during normal use.

Click to do this Apple logo Upper left → select Reboot.. Once your Mac turns on, try using YouTube in Safari. It should work perfectly.

Click on the Apple logo and select Reboot

6. Restart your Wi-Fi router

When I lived in a shared space, YouTube sometimes didn’t load into Safari on my Mac using the facility’s Wi-Fi. In many cases, restarting the router helped.

If you’ve tried the above solutions and the problem persists, try restarting your home or office Wi-Fi router.

7. Turn off VPN on Mac

Are you using a VPN on your Mac or Wi-Fi router? YouTube isn’t as rigorous as other streaming services like Hotstar and Netflix, but we recommend turning off VPN for an unobstructed experience.

8. Clear YouTube cache and cookies

  1. Press when using Safari Command +, (Comma) or from the top menu, click SafariEnvironmental setting..

    Click Safari from the top menu bar[設定]Choose

  2. click privacyWebsite data management..

    In Safari settings,[プライバシー][Webサイトデータの管理]Click

  3. Scroll youtube.com Alternatively, use the search box to search.
  4. select youtube.com Click deleteDone..
  5. Push Command + Q Quit Safari.
  6. After a few seconds, restart and try using YouTube. It should work.

    Select YouTube and[削除]Click to clear cache and cookies

9. Turn off Safari content blocker for YouTube

  1. enter youtube.com Try accessing Safari’s address bar.
    You don’t have to load YouTube completely.
  2. click Safari From the top menu bar → select Settings for this website..

    Click Safari and select Settings for this website

  3. Uncheck Enable content blockers..
  4. Then press to exit Safari Command + Q..
  5. After a few seconds, reboot to access YouTube.

    [コンテンツブロッカーを有効にする]Turn off

10. Disable ad blockers in Safari

If you are using an ad blocker in Safari, turn it off completely. Alternatively, add YouTube.com to the safe list. This ensures that there are no competing codes that prevent you from watching YouTube.

Tips: If you need to use an ad blocker and your existing ad blocker doesn’t work well on YouTube, consider using another ad blocker.

11. Remove YouTube-specific extensions

I mainly use YouTube in Firefox and I use a great extension called Enhancer for YouTube ™. If you are also using the Safari extension for YouTube, there may be script conflicts.

To fix this, remove the extension. (It may also help to remove it, reinstall it and update Safari.)

12. Make sure JavaScript is enabled

It is enabled by default. But one day, you may have tweaked the option to disable it. So let’s quickly make sure it’s enabled.

  1. Press when using Safari Command +, (comma).
    You can also click Safari Select from the menu bar at the top Environmental setting..
  2. click Security..
  3. Confirm Enable JavaScript Is checked.

    Make sure Javascript is enabled in Safari settings

13. Update Safari on Mac

Apple will push Safari updates to make it work overall. To fix this YouTube issue, update your Safari browser. When that happens, this problem can be a thing of the past.

14. Use another browser

Finally, if nothing seems to work, consider temporarily using a different browser. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, etc. There may be no problem playing the YouTube video.

This is a solution to YouTube not working in Safari on Mac. We hope that the above solution will help you solve the problem. If you need further assistance, please contact us in the comments section below.

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