12 useful Minecraft commands to use in 2022

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Whether you’re a fan of cheats or not, Minecraft has arguably the best in-game commands (or cheats) compared to other video games. Not only do they give you special abilities, you can even use these commands to change every component of your world. Moreover, given that only commands can access Minecraft’s adventure mode, these are certainly not just basic features. That’s why we are here to help you learn the most useful Minecraft commands. Some commands bring survival benefits, while others make it easy to build Minecraft home ideas. However, if you don’t want to be limited to just a few commands, we’ve already covered the complete list of Minecraft Bedrock commands you can explore. That said, check out the most useful Minecraft commands ever in this guide!

The most useful Minecraft commands (April 2022)

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the Minecraft 1.18 update has over 115 commands. Therefore, we have selected only the most useful blocks in the game that cannot duplicate the action. However, their usage depends purely on personal taste. Therefore, feel free to explore them at your convenience, using the table below.

How to use commands in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two ways to use commands.First, you can just Enter the command in the chat box Use them. Works on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock support platforms. However, if you want to tweak, extend, and repeat them, you’ll need to use Minecraft command blocks. The linked guides will help you learn more about command blocks.

Going back to their usage, You must enter the “/” sign Then follow the command to use it. Most Minecraft commands have additional modifier keywords that allow you to further customize their functionality. But that’s another day’s topic. For now, let’s move on to some of the most useful Minecraft commands.

1. Teleport with Minecraft

One of the most common and useful commands in Minecraft is the teleportation command. You just need to know the coordinates of your target position, and you can be there right away. The days of walking around in random directions are over. In addition, we already have a guide to help you get started with teleporting in Minecraft.

Use teleport commands in Minecraft

By comparison, the fastest means of transportation today is the Nether Portal, far from teleportation. In addition, unless you’re on a Minecraft boat, only teleports can travel with other players in the game.

2. Change the game mode

Minecraft has different game modes that provide different gameplay experiences. With this handy command, you can quickly switch between them without leaving the world.

  • survival Is the default game mode with a focus on open world gameplay and exploration. You can respawn on it.
  • Creative mode Great for building structures and creating Minecraft maps. In this mode, the character is virtually invincible and all hostile mobs will ignore you.
  • Audience mode You can explore the world as a ghost. You cannot manipulate blocks or fly blocks.
  • Adventure mode It is for playing custom Minecraft adventure maps and limits the player’s mining, crafting and other abilities.
  • Java only, Hardcore mode It’s basically alive, but it doesn’t have a respawn function.

3. Summon any entity in Minecraft

The term “entity” in Minecraft refers to all moving objects in your world. You can use this command to call any of them. These entities include:

  • Mobs
  • Boats and dollies
  • Blocks affected by gravity
  • Items with “use” control, and
  • Mobs that ride on other mobs
Summon Warden in Minecraft using handy Minecraft commands

Going one step further, this is one of the only commands that can access objects that aren’t in the game yet. For example, you can use the “/ summongiant” command to summon a giant zombie in your world.

4. Easy to find structure

Unless you have access to a list of the best Minecraft seeds, it can be difficult to come across rare in-game structures. And if you’re looking for a rare place like a Woodland mansion, you may never find them in the normal world. That’s where the locate command comes in handy.

Use the locate command in Minecraft

You just have to tell it what you want to find, and The game gives you a place for that biome or structure.. You can then reach that location using the teleportation command described earlier. Remember that there is also a similar “/ locate biome” command. This allows you to get the coordinates of different Minecraft biomes.

5. Change the time in your world

Time in the Minecraft world moves much faster than in the real world. But still, sometimes it feels too late. Fortunately, all you need to do is use the time command to switch between different quarters of time. You can also use this command to skip just a few hours of the day in the game.

Such changes are useful if you are trying to grow a crop in Minecraft. However, if you want to increase or decrease the overall time speed, this command is not useful. To do this, you need to use the following Minecraft command:

6. Change game rules

The following handy Minecraft commands are very powerful. As the name implies, it can be used to change the behavior of entities, players, and even the world. It can change the speed of time, the spawn of the entity, and even give the player some special abilities. However, keep in mind that many changes made by this command can have a permanent impact on your world.

7. Create a structure and place blocks

If you’re a builder in the Minecraft world, you’ll love this next Minecraft command.this You can make a rectangular parallelepiped structure From all placeable items in the game. Therefore, not only can you create rectangular parallelepiped structures from blocks, but you can also create unmanageable objects such as light, air, water, and even portal frames.

Using fill commands in Minecraft

8. Kill the mob

Whether it’s an accidentally spawned creeper or an unplanned battle with Wither, things can quickly get out of hand in the world of Minecraft. Fortunately, you can use the kill command to kill all surrounding entities immediately. The killed entity drops experience orbs and mob plunder, just as it would in a normal killed in action.

If for some reason you get into a tricky situation, or if you want to restart the world, the kill command can also help in that situation. As long as your inventory is safe, you can use this command to kill yourself and respawn into the world. However, finding your own home in the Minecraft world can take a bit of work.

9. Get a shake effect

Minecraft gameplay has few visual effects.However, Minecraft Bedrock and Education players can unlock Secret camera shake effect Use the “camerashake” Minecraft command. It makes your world feel like an earthquake, but it doesn’t cause destruction.

10. Get in-game items

In creative mode, you can get most of the in-game items with the click of a button. However, anything that cannot be retrieved from the creative inventory can be accessed using the “give” command. This is also one of the few ways to generate command blocks in Minecraft.You are You can also set the number of items to spawn In your inventory. Some players only use this command to get secret items that haven’t been released in Minecraft Beta.

11. Clone location

One of the hardest parts of building a base in Minecraft is finding the right place. Some are near the village, while others have a mansion with glitches. But what about moving structures and places to specific parts of the world?Yeah you can Easily copy and paste the locationInclude the structure where you need it with the clone command.

To make a copy, you need to know the coordinates around the target area. Ever thought there was a desert temple on the surface of the sea? Now you can make it happen.

12. Continue learning commands

At this point, you already know how great the in-game commands are. So if you want to keep exploring them, Minecraft will provide you with special help commands. This makes it easy to understand and use all the commands in the game. If you make a mistake, you can always contact us in the comments section.

Use these cool Minecraft commands to improve your gameplay

You now have a collection of the best Minecraft commands available in 2022. In some scenarios, some of these commands may be more useful than others, but all commands make gameplay easier. However, if you want to approach the game in a more traditional way, some of the best Minecraft enchantments and the best potions can also offer some benefits. As far as your skills are concerned, a list of the best parkour maps will at least help you master the in-game movements. And when you’re ready, you can be proud of your team with the best Speedrun seeds. That said, which other useful Minecraft commands should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below!