12 South BookBook CaddySack Review: The Best MacBook Companion?

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Do you carry your MacBook and accessories such as chargers, mice, converters, hubs, USBs and HDDs everywhere? Next, it has to be involved in the frustration of intertwined cables and rampant debris. Now, Twelve South uses BookBook CaddySack to provide the perfect solution without irritation.

But that’s what they said. Until you review the Twelve South BookBook CaddySack, you won’t know how great your travel companions are. Let’s begin.

Does BookBook CaddySack meet all your organization’s needs?

Twelve South offers a variety of Apple accessories, most notably in the BookBook collection. It boasts a product that looks like a vintage leather book from the outside, with a spine, edge stitching, markings and more. CaddySack is no exception.

Twelve South BookBookCaddySack Review

You don’t have to hide your MacBook accessories in the guise of a “book,” but it helps you make a statement. Imagine taking a book out of the bag, unzipping it and displaying the accessories.

But can this book carry everything you need, or it all looks just right.


I’ve been looking at and recommending BookBook cases for years. So the CaddySack wasn’t new to me. But to give credit when the deadline came, Twelve South did a remarkable job with it.


The leather is fully aged, the stitches are very clean, the gold print is faded in place, and even the engravings on the edges and spine of the book are reminiscent of classic books.

There is only one thing missing. It’s the name of the book. Twelve South wants to customize these cases so they can choose the cult classic name of Caddy Sack. Which do you choose, a small woman, pride and prejudice, or great expectations?


The caddy sack adheres to its luxurious and vintage look and boasts a soft black and white tweed lining accented with red, black, olive leather and beige (zipper contour).

Interior space of Twelve South BookBook Caddy Sack


Designers pay equal attention to the practical aspects of the CaddySack. I’m proud of it –

  • Mesh pockets for USB, SIM cards, business cards, AirPods, or other such small objects.
  • Three elastic loops for fixing cables, earphones, connectors, etc.
  • Two adjustable velcro bands for holding charging bricks, AirPods, SSDs / HDDs, cables and more.
  • A small loop to hold the pen or stylus. (Note: Not compatible with Apple Pencil)
12 South BookBookCaddySack Utility

Overall, the space is very well designed. It will help you organize most of the everyday accessories you use on your MacBook. The soft lining and safe rubber prevent scratches and slippage.

In particular, the total depth obtained is equivalent to the spine of a book. That is about 1.6 inches. And even if it was overloaded, the shape of the book was completely bent while closing the zipper. So you have enough space, not too much, and certainly not too little.

Need to stack Twelve South CaddySack?


ease of use
Value of money

BookBook CaddySack has earned some points in the looks category. The overall quality of the product, including leather, interior fabrics and rubber, is very good. However, that is definitely not the minimum. It looks and feels bulky.

It also stores accessories neatly and securely under the hood, but with minimal storage space. Great for those who travel with basic necessities, but not for those who like to carry / own lots of accessories.

It’s a defense of Twelve South, but it’s a dope kit for MacBook essentials and promises to be very effective. It is no exaggeration to say that some people like it and others dislike it. I like it.

Strong Points

  • Looks like a vintage book and will get a lot of attention
  • Securely stores essential MacBook accessories
  • Great and durable raw material


  • a little expensive
  • Limited space
  • No color or customization options

price: $ 59.99

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