10 Creative Ways to Use Apple AirTags: Make the Most of These Cute Buttons

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Bluetooth trackers aren’t a new technology, but when Apple does something, it’s usually unusual. And AirTag is no exception! It has a mixture of normal and unusual features, such as stalking prevention.

But I’m not here to praise it. I’ll share here with my fun little experiment and some ingenious and strangely innovative ways to use AirTag besides using it as a mirror! πŸ˜‰

Before moving on to some unique methods, let’s first briefly explain the basics.

  • Track inanimate objects: Bags, wallets, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and more, AirTag allows you to find your luggage efficiently. All you need is the perfect accessory or ad hoc placement to attach the tag to yours.

    It is also useful in case of theft. Recently, Dan Guido, Brooklyn’s CEO of Cybersecurity used it to track scooters.

  • Keep track of your children and the elderly: From radical toddlers in the mall and enthusiastic dogs in the park, AirTags helps track two-legged and four-legged families.
  • Please use when traveling: Find the bag super fast on the conveyor belt or don’t confuse the bellboy with other guests.And if you’re the forgotten kind, leaving a reminder is a lifesaver

Well, it’s a real deal. I must say that I liked using AirTag to explore and test different theories. To be honest, I can’t wait for Apple to add features to my mix, so I can find some more creative ways to use Apple AirTag.

1. Attach to medical box: send medicine reminder

This trick can work wonders for you when you often have parents or partners who forget their medicine. Place or paste the AirTag in the medical box to set an alarm on your phone. When it’s time, ping AirTag wherever you are.

Attach the AirTag to your medical box and send a reminder of your medicine

Yes, you can always send a phone call, send a message, or set a reminder on the phone. However, this is a nice way to do it, as you can not only send reminders, but also find the medical box on time. If you feel the pain of this situation, please comment below.

2. Keep in the car: Easy to find a parking lot

Dropping a pin works like a charm, but it’s a good idea to remember it before you leave the car. And our distracted brain may not be equipped for that. Therefore, let AirTag track it for you. Simply leave AirTag permanently in your car and you’ll be able to easily track your car indefinitely.

Find a parking lot with AirTag
Image Credit: Screenrant.com

Psst! It also helps you monitor where your partner, child, or parent is driving your car. You can even ping them to scare them (unfortunately the trick sails only once).

3. Tech Scavenger Hunt-Where’s the party tonight?

Would you like to have a party for ridiculous guests? iGeeks has the perfect party game suggestions. Hiding AirTags around your home (avoid secret / fetish withdrawals) allows guests to ping hidden tags using their phone. The first person to find it wins.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt Party with AirTags

Well, it’s just a basic idea and you can build it creatively. Suppose you own multiple AirTags, create a treasure hunt game, and give each tag a clue. You can also use it to keep your kids and their friends busy with a technical and more exciting version of hide-and-seek.

4. Scavenger hunt feat.Marketers: Surprise Customers with AirTags

Hide limited edition collectibles and special surprises with AirTags and mark those AirTags as lost. Ping the customer’s phone when they approach an Air Tagged item, or hunt around the store to find it.

I agree, it can be a bit annoying, but once the pranks are managed, you can be as famous as Weasley’s twins.

5. Mixer party with AirTags in the mix: Serendipity, who?

Leave the AirTag code instead of the dress code. Guests must bring an AirTag, throw it into a bowl, and randomly pick another AirTag from the bowl. Then ask them to scan for the new tag to find the owner.

Well, it’s a unique way to meet new people. I also liked Blaane’s idea of ​​having multiple bowls labeled with specific interests such as travel, anime and movies. This will allow you to prepare a conversation starter before meeting the AirTag owner.

6. Pass a secret message: Who needs a fake Harry Potter galleon?

In Lost Mode, you can enter a message for the person who received the AirTag. Usually it’s sharing your contact information, address, or something. But, unusually, you can put AirTag in lost mode and exchange it with your friends.

Change the lost mode message on a whim and ask your friends to check the secret message. Their replies can also be secretly delivered via the lost mode message of the tag you have. Would you like to do something like this?

Put AirTag in lost mode and send a secret message

7. Never lose imported courier: send AirTag with us

Why is there a risk of losing expensive or essential packages to protect AirTag? Put AirTag in lost mode and pack it by courier.

Now, if the courier-provided tracking link doesn’t work, you can track the package from the FindMy app just like the MegaLag style. Watch the video below for more information.

8. Underwater scavenger hunt

Another interesting twist on AirTag Hunt could be an underwater event. AirTag has an IP67 rating. This means that you can survive up to a depth of 1 meter in water for about 30 minutes. Now, isn’t it a fun game for swimming enthusiasts to look for something underwater?

9. Pack the AirTag on the back of the drone: Butterfly Fly Away

Drones are a lot of fun, but they tend to crash and get lost. But why risk it when you can fix it with AirTag and always find the exact location of the drone?

Find lost drones with AirTag
Image credit: YouTube (Patrick Tomasso)

Also, if the drone flies across the boundaries of the device, AirTag can pin back to that location using other nearby iPhones. Rest assured that the drone is almost always traceable.

10. Make a new pen pal: help.I’m an AirTag for a lonely person

If you can afford AirTag and want to get started right away, here’s a great idea. The unique advantage of it is that you can make new friends from all over the world. Now, the idea is to put your AirTag in a public place such as a park or library.

If someone finds and scans AirTag and is engaged in getting to know strangers, or if someone else leaves AirTag for finding, the message can invite you to send an email. increase. Now, imagine telling this story to your kids and sharing their encounters with their mother, thanks to Apple’s AirTag.

Scan for lost AirTags and contact the owner

Which creative idea did you like the most? My personal favorite is parking trackers and sharing secret messages. Is there a more creative way to use AirTag? Share your ideas, opinions and feedback in the comments section below.

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