10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers (April 2022)

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Being trapped in a prison with a large amount of mining resources and no escape seems like a collective nightmare for all humans. But what if the prison is based on your favorite game? In that case, mining is rewarding and escape is your quest. It’s exciting. This same excitement and lots of new features make the best Minecraft prison servers very popular. Each of them has some of the best Minecraft mods to give you an unforgettable experience. Some even bring new recipes to the game. Meanwhile, many of them try to build Minecraft biome Inside the prison.Yes, there is a lot to explore, and all you need to know How to join a Minecraft server.. Once you know it, you’re ready to unlock hours of adventure. That said, take a look at the best Minecraft prison servers. Then you can start planning your escape route.

Best Minecraft Prison Server (2022)

All Minecraft servers in this list have their own features and support different gameplay styles. Therefore, the list is not ranked. You can use the table below to find the server you are interested in.

1. Archon

  • Java Server address: best.TheArchon.net

Our first Minecraft prison server is popular due to its high quality mods and custom game modes. We receive updates on a regular basis and have an active community.For prison mode, this server is Custom resource pack Develop a wooden theme in your world. Then get the backpack and Boosted tools To be the best miner.

Archon-The Best Minecraft Prison Server

Once you have enough prisons, you can try it. Dedicated game mode Like robbers and foreign lands. Both are perfect for prison themes. The server also features skyblock, faction, and survival modes for those looking for classic gameplay.

2. OPBlocks network

  • Java Server address: mc.opblocks.com
  • bedrock Server address: bedrock.opblocks.com

It’s also on the list of the best Minecraft servers There are always some powerful features in the OPBlocks inventory. There is an active community, a friendly team of developers, and many mini-games. Overall, the server focuses only on four major modes: Skyblock, Survival, Parkour, and apparently prison.

PBlocks network

This server’s prison game mode is a series for each player Enchanted tools When Private mine Explore leisurely.You can also explore side quests, mines of other players, and much more Special ability, All in prison. Therefore, this server not only brings competitive leaderboards to the fore, but also provides players with the opportunity to explore individual stories.

3. Purple prison

  • Java Server address: Purpleprison.org

On most Minecraft prison servers, players can only level up using mining and related quests.However, Purple Prison will try to change it by allowing players to get an upgrade. Mining, architecture,Moreover transaction With other players.

Purple Prison Server

Don’t forget one of the few servers that follow the look and theme of life imprisonment.There are guards, a cell, and a private room PVP area for realistic prison brawls.. If that sounds too dangerous, you and your prison buddies can use one of the sitting areas to relax and hang out.

4. MC prison

  • Java Server address: mcprison.com
  • bedrock Server address: mchub.com

MC Prison is one of the most popular options for classic servers. Some players even consider it the base for many new prison servers.Keep players free It’s at the top of the priority list. You can do mining, building, donating, fighting and much more to level up on this server. But if you want to jump directly to the top, there are also drop parties, donation benefits, and free weekly giveaways.

MC Prison-The Best Minecraft Prison Server

Each player can have a dedicated area to create and manage their own players In-game shop.. Such shops keep the server economy open and active. And that’s why this server has a friendly community even when PVP is active.

5. Jartex network

  • Java Server address: jartex.fun
  • bedrock Server address: jartex.fun

Jartex enjoys server addresses, so don’t be disappointed to keep us entertained. There is a Minecraft prison server, but unlike the other servers on this list, it is built around gambling.Beyond that, you also get Custom skills, New enchantment, And even a cool suit. However, be sure to join the cartel before jumping into a casino or mine.

Jartex network

There are different types of servers Cartels and gangsters, And each of them offers its members its own advantages. If that’s not enough, the server also has some of the most impressive structures and side quests you can explore.

6. Pika Network

  • Java Server address: jartex.fun

Pika Network prisons open like any other best Minecraft prison server.Your goal is Earn points and finally mine resources to rule the prison.. But when you discover it slowly, much more is hidden in this ordinary-looking prison. As you begin to generate wealth on this server, the world will open up more opportunities for each player.

Pika Network-The Best Minecraft Prison Server

There are gamblers, cell makers, NPC shops, gangsters with dedicated shops, and drug-trading NPCs that bring servers pretty close to real-life prisons. The server has its own PVP area. PVP Mine Arena, In PVP action. The rewards in such situations are quite high. That is, as long as you can survive.

7. Minecraft Central

  • Java address: mccentral.org

Minecraft Central is one of the oldest Minecraft servers in existence.that too one Most active Skyblock, Creative, PvP, Survival, Factions, and even mini-game-specific game modes. When in prison game mode, the Minecraft Central server has its own prison system. It offers players both public and private mines, both with exclusive rewards.

Minecraft Central

Next is the general theme of capturing the atmosphere in prison. The world of servers makes the game entity feel like running a prison. There are even zombie guard statues to watch you. Overall, the server provides reliable and easy gameplay with the touch of Vanilla Minecraft.

8. Vortex network

  • Java Server address: mc.vortexnetwork.net
  • bedrock Server address: bedrock.vortexnetwork.net

Vortex Network is a seemingly simple Minecraft server that offers game modes such as prison, skyblock, survival and Pixelmon.But all of them Unique space theme.. Each location refers to spacecraft, planets, and other cosmic entities. In addition, the server also has its own resource pack to complete the overall experience.

VortexNetwork-The Best Minecraft Prison Server

For prison mode, the server allows players to PVP, create gangsters, and even enter the war zone. To level up, you need to participate in mining, trading and events. Alternatively, you can move away from regular prisons and enter Prison Cosmic, an adventure map with unique quests, recipes and more.

9.9. Mineville

  • bedrock Server address: play.inpvp.net

Outstanding among other companies in the industry, Mineville is the only officially featured Bedrock server on our list. It will automatically appear in the recommended server list for all platforms that support the Bedrock edition. With this high-profile collaboration, it’s easy to find trusted content and active players.


The prison part of this Minecraft server is completely focused on mining. Each player must receive a miner’s costume and complete all mines. They can get upgrades by mining to a certain level or trading the collected ore.

10. Prison MC

  • Java Server address: play.jailsmc.net
Prison MC

Finally, to summarize the list of the best Minecraft prison servers, there is the Jails MC Minecraft server dedicated to prison gameplay. The theme is based on a mining theme that also applies to online stores. You can compete on that active leaderboard, be mine and trade with other players to reach the highest possible level. If you are looking for a simpler and more reliable prison time, join this server.

Can You Escape These Top Minecraft Prison Servers

You can mine, trade and even craft to level up on these best Minecraft prison servers. But that won’t work unless you have access to the best Minecraft enchantments and trusted crew. However, if you need more independent gameplay, visit some of the best Pixelmon servers. They, along with individual quests, offer an experience as unique as a prison server. The best Minecraft modpack is the only bet for players looking for a prison experience in offline mode. You can do them by installing Forge on Minecraft. Finally, if you just want to experience prison mode in true essence, get one of the best Minecraft skins from the linked article. That said, which prison server are you excited to get trapped in and escape? Let us know in the comments!